Project successes.

Volumes are increasing, tasks are becoming more complex, and it is already difficult to write simply and clearly.

The data that we now receive is already much higher than the usual format for Facebook, and it has become even more difficult to write. That is why I appear less frequently.

I will now briefly try to describe which interesting things happened in May and what the state of the project is now.

There are already 19 of us, we don't have time to move one floor at a time, in July we have to get the space again.

The mathematician has completed the formation of our new logic into comprehensible, descriptive material, which will allow us to convey to people a new method that is more effective than all the old-world methods.

It's hard to convey, but it's very powerful.

We have been speaking this language inside the company for 8 months , but could not communicate it in any clear way to other people, here at last this barrier is overcame)

Architect and СTO completed the encryption protocol. I can't go into detail about it, but we've put into the product launch such technologies that allow us to say that these are the most secure methods of storing and exchanging your resources/data in the world.

I did two test speeches. It showed that we were becoming a little clearer. People in those two speeches compared us to great, historical figures who changed the world. I asked not to compare because these people had other times, other resources and goals) It is not comparable.

But it was really nice.

One of the co-founders, who was scheduled to make the second and third payments in May and August, at the last meeting transferred all the amounts up front with the comment that we are developing very steeply and he sees no risk to his money. We are now talking about 100,000 $. And the level of emotion about this man is just off the charts, I will describe the relationship with the co-founders at some point, they are all very cool.

I love them all.

Also, our team continues to have babies at a breakneck pace. This is the third baby in the last 8 months. One of the employees is about to have twins, the mathematician decided not to go to the maternity hospital twice, he must have figured something out.

I'm starting to think that this is somehow being passed on within the team.

Also, thanks to our methods of combining and structuring data, mathematics and formulas, we have found one global error, which we are solving, thanks to the mathematical method of reweighting the results. By removing the complexity of combining different dimensions, which previously prevented all companies from properly setting motivation and mid-level accounting settings and it imperceptibly undercut millions of companies during the transition from 10 to 50 people.

I called it the «Growth Problem» and I'll talk about it in more detail at some point. It will be powerful, I promise. You'll be blown away by what we've found and how invisibly it's built into our system. I spoke on the 26th. There was a mathematician and a business analyst on the judges. I thought they would stand up from the WOW effect)) You should have seen those eyes.

As they say in our environment - everything is going, we were able)

We were able to confirm our assumptions, a lot of hypotheses were also correct)

Insanely happy with the team, they are just some monsters.

Most of them just have wage rate, but we still had to make a rule that says they have to sleep at home with their family, not sit at work 48 hours at a time. Our architect has about 450 hours worked in the month of May. With just a rate.

To understand. The team gave out the site in four days.

Content - design - back - front with all calculators, effects. Requests are dropping on Telegram. This is not on Tilda. As it turned out, one of the developers, for convenience has its own CMS with a cool admin.

I told you - in the team some monsters, I even feel uncomfortable against them sometimes.

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