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Owning a company is a process that requires effective tools.

The owner is a separate role in a person's life. Vymex provides everything you need to make ownership clear, predictable and efficient. Our vHOLD platform reinvents the management of the stake in the company, providing tools for strong partnership relations and optimization of business processes.

Easy setup for novice entrepreneurs.
Simple setup of basic needs management systems without prior experience of starting a company. It takes up to five minutes to adjust to the company's work.
Distribution of particles
Adding another co-owner is simply transferring part of the company. Vimex is a management system that makes this process as transparent and easy as possible. The user will receive everything necessary to realize basic needs in the role of a co-owner.
Increased investor confidence through Vymex's use of a performance management system that impacts its potential. The history of changes in the company's resources, which increases the understanding of the fact and the probability of the implementation of the company's plans, which will have a qualitative impact on communication.
Collective decisions
A convenient functionality for the implementation of group decisions that need to be adopted by a group of co-owners. Everything that used to be done simply with words, becomes an interesting and transparent process. Beginners in business could only dream of such opportunities.
Supervision of the work of the head of the company with minimal stress in case of his replacement. Tools for reporting to owners that complement the information on the dashboard with company results generated automatically from the team's use of vHub products.
Clarity of agreements
The ability to form a corporate contract within the product, and to accept changes to settings and agreements by making corporate decisions using tools within the system.
If necessary, owners will be able to formulate clear proposals for investors, which increases the likelihood of attracting investment in the company with the help of tools. All owners will understand what resources they need to realize the company's goals, and create projected offers to the investor.
Vymex was created to improve the quality of life, not to adapt to the norm that is formed today.
Effective communication, transparency of results, and much more will be available to companies of any size and stage of development.

The power over the particles is in your hands.

Vymex will change the level of understanding of the role of the owner and the level of efficiency in this area of responsibility of the company. A large number of errors will lose their reasons for appearing. This product has prospects to completely cover the needs of people in the process of owning a company.
Investors will understand and be interested in your company.
Demonstration of the company's results, which are necessary in communication with investors, will be automatically generated in the Vymex management system. The system easily displays both the company's plans and the implementation history.
No one but you knows your goals, resources and results.
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