Strong products attract the best. The best develop strong products.

Pay attention to the composition of the Vymex team. Money alone cannot attract such people and cannot be kept with promises.

Team with principles.
There are unshakable principles that guide the Vymex team:
• the main thing is mutual understanding in team
• we are not satisfied with "normal"
• criticize decisions, not people
• pay due attention to errors
• each employee is responsible for their work
Expertise is more valuable than money.
Vymex attracted specialists to the team at their own request, and salary expectations and working conditions faded into the background. Only company goals can motivate more than money.
We have put together a team in which development is inevitable:
• 2/3 of team – it-engineers
• 70% – Middle/Middle+ specialists
• 30% – Senior specialists

The team of VYMEX experts

Ruslan Yumagulov
СЕО & Product Owner
Olexander Kim
Chief Designer
Olexander Kolesnik
System Engineer
Pavlo Maliarchuk
Head of PM
Yana Kibalnichenko
Financial Manager
Oleh Gerasimenko
Sergiy Stеbunov
Senior Product Manager
Dmytro Grusha
iOS Developer
Maxym Hlebov
UX/UI designer
Olexander Bilan
Head of Back End
Andriy Vashulenko
Head of IOS
Hanna Rudenko
Head of Android
Dmytro Vasyov
Back End Developer
Mariia Petrova
Valeriia Okleia
Office Manager
Artem Tsukur
Igor Shepel
Product Manager
Volodymyr Yukhymenko
Head of Marketing
Denys Andrushchenko
Senior Android Developer
Igor Ryabukha
UX/UI designer
Dmytro Kassem
iOS Software Engineer
Maksym Kovbel
QA Engineer
Oleksii Maslov
Back End Developer
Oleksii Sinelnikov
Anton Apanasevych
Operational Project Manager
Oleksandr Svyatetskyi
Android Developer
Daria Leonova
PR Strategist
Oleksandr Chernyavskyi
Motion designer
Evgeny Mostovoy
Android Developer
Dmytro Nesterenko
Product Manager
Evgeny Rubanik
Web UX Designer
David Akopdzhanian
Content Writer
Andriy Melnikov
Product Manager
Valeriia Permiakova
Front End Developer
Vitalii Moshkutelo
QA Web Engineer
Daria Mykhailovska
Marketing Designer
Ruslan Bobryka
SMM Manager
Fedir Shevchenko
Project Manager

You can become one of us.

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