Vymex - Results Management Ecosystem.


If you want a strong team, create a weighty goal.

The company is a resource for achieving the goals of everyone involved. People choose companies by assessing the probability of achieving their personal goals.

Principles that have shaped the culture.
These principles are embedded in the company’s processes and are the basis of the culture of all project participants.


Is the most important state of mind we focus on when we meet someone, in or out of the company. We don't just make our point, we make sure that our interlocutors understand what the goal is and how you understand it.

We plan from goals, not from resources

We plan the results needed for company, not those for what we have the resources. This is the only way to create something worth and an innovative. The fear, that something won’t be enough, kills any opportunities to become better.

We affect the entire world

Which means we don't limit ourselves about our benefits or our surroundings. The product we're developing is designed to impact the world. So we don't just look at what we like or what our environment likes, we look at any solution as given in the equation relative to global indicators.

Strong is interested to be with the strong

We respect every person in the team. If someone fails, first we will try to help him to the right level. If it does not work, we will replace him. The goals that we set for ourselves when we created the company and product, is to win the world race in the problems and possible situations that humanity may face, so in the team the appropriate selection. Like in sports, we play in the big leagues, and there in the team is a constant check of the appropriateness, so that the team had a better chance of winning.

We are not interested in normal

All good things will someday become normal due to the constant progress of technology and human development. Whatever we do not do well, in the next cycle we are already looking for opportunities to do even better. Yes, it is inevitable stress and the possibility of mistakes, but the winners are not judged. Any improvement is a victory over the past result.

You cannot pass up an error

If you see something wrong or faulty, you must make an effort to fix it: send it to the responsible for the resource or fix it yourself if the sending task time is longer than the time to fix.  Mud is also a mistake, we madly love cleanliness in everything.


Every member of the team controls himself. We set the task and do not worry that it will not be completed or delayed deadlines. We know that the responsibility of every employee is paramount.

Ideas do not exist for the sake of ideas

Any idea has a goal. Any goal should strengthen any other goal of the company. If you do not understand how the implementation of the idea will benefit the company, keep it in the parking lot longer. Perhaps it will be implemented later, at the right time.

Wilful deception, it’s a flagrant violation

You can get kicked off the team if you’re seen cheating on another person. It doesn’t matter if it’s a member of the team or a third person. Honesty, it is one of the main principles of the team.

We don’t criticize people, we criticize their decisions

Criticism is what helped the founder create this level of product. We constantly processed incoming information, searched for the truth in the assumptions and made corrections to certain decisions. Criticism is the space for growth.

Processes for people, not people for processes

All we write in the list of processes is a developed set of rules that can be changed. Once we see that this change will improve a person’s life and affect the outcome.

Resources will not improve themselves

Intangible and material resources are assigned to the officials in the company, who are managed by the people. Always look for improvements in your area of responsibility. We all influence the outcome of the company by improving any significant or insignificant component.

We do not speak behind the eyes of a person about his mistakes

If you do not have the courage to say something to a person in the eye about his actions, do not talk about it at all. This is contrary to the principles of the team, which all adhere to and are an integral part of every person’s life.

Any comment from an executive is aimed at your improvement

Sometimes people’s answers do not meet our expectations on the emotional background. For example, Ruslan Yumagulov often reacts to what he is shown or spoken in a very neutral way. But be sure, there’s definitely no negativity or resentment, just the head could be full of something else and it’s OK.

We don't carry a grudge

We often joke about each other, but all without the slightest bit of negativity. Sometimes these jokes are borderline accessible. And each person has their own borders. If someone has been violated and you are caught, do not carry it in yourself. Immediately tell the author that it is not necessary and you are hurt. It will be better for you and for the environment.

It is clearly not where they clean, and where they do not litter

We form all the resources in the company so that we do not need to "clean up". This applies to both crutches in software, and file management across the system, and routines in common workspaces.

Criticize - suggest

Whenever we criticize the solution to any problem, you should be ready to offer a better option. If a discussion is born against this background, it is good. In an argument the truth is born, and the truth is always the same. It’s okay if someone was wrong, it’s all about understanding it in the end.


If we say we're going to do the task before some time, we're going to do it on time.  When we cannot fulfill the agreement by the deadline, we say that we should postpone the time of the result necessarily with an explanation of the reasons, so that the person has an understanding of the situation.

There are no unimportant resources or results

All the company's resources are combined into each new result with a different weight of influence. And that, in one outcome, has little weight, in another outcome will affect the fate of the company. Therefore, we make each result with maximum quality (as far as the company resources allow).

Inside is always more important than outside.
We are always focused on improving the product, its architecture and user benefits. Our engineers put a lot of competitive advantages into the core, which improves the quality of the ecosystem, thus enhancing marketing and customer service. That's why we have such a ratio of engineers to other team members.
We have assembled a strong team in which:
Middle/Middle+ level specialists
people on the team at the time of the Beta release
of the team are it-engineers

The team that created Vymex.

Ruslan Yumagulov
СЕО & Product Owner
Olexander Bilan
Head of Back End
Volodymyr Yukhymenko
Pavlo Maliarchuk
Head of PM
Olexander Kolesnik
System Engineer
Yana Kibalnichenko
Financial Manager
Oleh Gerasimenko
Dmytro Grusha
iOS Developer
Maxym Hlebov
Product Designer
Andriy Vashulenko
Head of IOS
Hanna Rudenko
Head of Android
Dmytro Vasyov
Back End Developer
Mariia Petrova
Valeriia Okleia
Office Manager
Artem Tsukur
Igor Shepel
Product Manager
Denys Andrushchenko
Senior Android Developer
Igor Ryabukha
Head of Product Design
Dmytro Kassem
iOS Software Engineer
Oleksii Sinelnikov
Anton Apanasevych
Operational Project Manager
Oleksandr Svyatetskyi
Android Developer
Daria Leonova
PR Strategist
Oleksandr Chernyavskyi
Motion designer
Evgeny Mostovoy
Android Developer
Dmytro Nesterenko
Product Manager
David Akopdzhanian
UX Writer
Andriy Melnikov
Product Manager
Valeriia Permiakova
Front End Developer
Vitalii Moshkutelo
Head of QA
Daria Mykhailovska
Marketing Designer
Ruslan Bobryka
SMM Manager
Fedir Shevchenko
Project Manager
Svitlana Temonina
Project Manager
Alina Tetiukha
Content Writer
Mykyta Fill
QA Engineer

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