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Anton Apanasevych
Operational Project Manager


Has valuable experience in the field of operational management. He described and systematized processes in companies, distributed tasks and control over their implementation, formed processes for each employee.

Created a solution for the Mooove project, with which it takes a few minutes to verify the fulfillment of the duties of each employee. This and more allowed the product to become the market leader in its segment.

Area of responsibility.

Organization of uninterrupted work of the operating system in the company. Implementation of new processes and their continuous improvement for the best result.

Contribution to the project.

A process has been implemented that will help avoid leakage of company data. New processes are described from scratch, and the existing ones are qualitatively updated. New job descriptions have been formed.

Key human resources.

  • ability to build business processes
  • analytical mind
  • strong communication skills
  • special attention to detail

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