Vymex - Results Management Ecosystem

Efficient combination of resources.

The result of any company depends on the resources and methods of combining them. Understand the essence and value of the company’s approach from presentations.



Your company's basic needs in one app.

Basic needs are results that naturally arise in any company, regardless of size, niche or business location. Communication, file storage and sharing, creating and managing tasks, hiring and firing employees, structuring, scheduling, reporting and more in one ecosystem.


Structure and management of the company.
To manage a company's basic needs, you need a set of tools that are correctly configured and integrated with each other. vHub provides everything you need to manage your results in a mobile app.
Co-founders of the company.
The distribution of shares among the co-founders, a set of tools for communication, getting reports on business results and planning is a standard set of tools that will allow you to own effectively and manage your share in the company.
Communication in the ecosystem.
After registration, all users can maintain personal or work conversations in the system for free. All important features for effective communication are available by default.
Resume creation and job search.
Within the ecosystem, there are tools for job search and job placement by companies. Search filters will show the best options for you. Read more reviews, watch ratings and communicate with the company in one app.
Coming soon
Financial instruments for users.
Coming soon
Exchange of material resources between companies.

Data encryption protocol from Vymex. You will get a high level of security that will allow you to safely keep all the company’s information in the cloud.

How much does it cost?
Use all or part of Vymex functionality, all depends on your goals.
For companies
The cost depends on the size of the company. Details
For users
The entire application database is free for the user.

Global mission

An ecosystem with care
for the planet.

According to the Startup Genome Report, nowadays’ business faces lots of difficulties and 92% of companies and projects stop to function in the first year. Only 3% survive up to three years for many reasons: loss of efficiency, dozens of business software, management of company resources, mistakes in structuring methods, complex communication within the team, hiring/ firing processes are built situationally, fixing agreements with the team and between the co-founders. Such low resource efficiency comes at a huge costs a lot to humanity and entails a lot of negative consequences related to the habitat

Global Goal VYMEX

Everything in the world is a combination of resources. Humanity uses the resources of the planet to achieve personal goals and results. Earth's resources are limited and we need to think more about how to change the way we combine them and increase the efficiency of their use now.
Scientists have recorded dramatic changes in atmospheric CO2 emissions and an increase in the planet's temperature over the past 50 years. These are just two indicators that demonstrate the need to continually improve resource efficiency in all areas of human activity. Business is one of the biggest ecosystems on the planet. If we can increase resource sustainability in this area by even 10%, we will add several years of comfortable life on planet Earth. Vymex is developing solutions that will help better combine resources in the goals of the people of each individual company.

What is important to know for investors?

Financial benefits are just one of the perspectives that Vymex influences.
$ 30 474 000
The planned cost of the company for December 2024.
$29 450
Expected net profit of 1% for 2024.

The team that created Vymex.

Ruslan Yumagulov
СЕО & Product Owner
Olexander Bilan
Head of Back End
Volodymyr Yukhymenko
Pavlo Maliarchuk
Head of PM
Olexander Kolesnik
System Engineer
Yana Kibalnichenko
Financial Manager
Oleh Gerasimenko
Dmytro Grusha
iOS Developer
Maxym Hlebov
Product Designer
Andriy Vashulenko
Head of IOS
Hanna Rudenko
Head of Android
Dmytro Vasyov
Back End Developer
Mariia Petrova
Valeriia Okleia
Office Manager
Artem Tsukur
Igor Shepel
Product Manager
Denys Andrushchenko
Senior Android Developer
Igor Ryabukha
Head of Product Design
Dmytro Kassem
iOS Software Engineer
Oleksii Sinelnikov
Anton Apanasevych
Operational Project Manager
Oleksandr Svyatetskyi
Android Developer
Daria Leonova
PR Strategist
Oleksandr Chernyavskyi
Motion designer
Evgeny Mostovoy
Android Developer
Dmytro Nesterenko
Product Manager
David Akopdzhanian
UX Writer
Andriy Melnikov
Product Manager
Valeriia Permiakova
Front End Developer
Vitalii Moshkutelo
Head of QA
Daria Mykhailovska
Marketing Designer
Ruslan Bobryka
SMM Manager
Fedir Shevchenko
Project Manager
Svitlana Temonina
Project Manager
Alina Tetiukha
Content Writer
Mykyta Fill
QA Engineer
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