Results Management Ecosystem.

There are two ways to achieve any result: take risks and make mistakes, or implement a methodology to understand the results. Unlock a new VYMEX solution that will forever change the way you get and control results.
Smart solutions with VYMEX.

VYMEX allows you to set up your company structure correctly. A user-friendly interface and simple tools will save you time, eliminate mistakes and routines. Analyse data, predict results, control processes and manage resources on your phone.

Smooth transition to a new company or structure.

VYMEX simplified the process of finding jobs and adding new employees to the company structure. With just one system, job seekers can easily find a job, quickly go through the onboarding process, and start working in a new company.

Coming soon
New products will be in future.
Coming soon
New products will be in future.
Data security

You can be assured that your data will be protected by VYMEX.  

 All company information, including your personal information, is protected by a unique encryption algorithm.  

Who always stay connected.
Exchange information and communicate via the VYMEX Messenger without using any other software. All you need is in the VYMEX system.

Vymex for investors


The team of VYMEX experts

Ruslan Yumagulov
СЕО & Product Owner VYMEX
Alexander Kolesnik
VYMEX system Engineer
Oleksandr Kim
Chief Designer in VYMEX
Sergey Stеbunov
Senior Product Manager VYMEX
Pavel Maliarchuk
Senior Project Manager VYMEX
Max Hlebov
UX/UI designer VYMEX
Alexander Bilan
Head of Back End dev. in VYMEX
Andrew Vashulenko
Head of IOS dev. in VYMEX
Anna Rudenko
Head of Android dev. in VYMEX
Dmytro Grusha
iOS Developer in VYMEX
Dmytro Vasyov
Back End Developer in VYMEX
Yana Kibalnichenko
Financial Manager in VYMEX
Valeria Okleya
Office Manager in VYMEX
Artem Tsukur
Lawyer in VYMEX
Igor Shepel
Product Manager в VYMEX
Evgenia Osaulenko
PR Manager VYMEX
Volodymyr Yukhymenko
Head of Marketing in VYMEX
Denis Andrushchenko
Senior Android Developer in VYMEX
Igor Ryabukha
UX/UI designer VYMEX
Dmytro Kassem
iOS Software Engineer in VYMEX
Maksym Kovbel
QA Engineer in VYMEX
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