Vymex - Results Management Ecosystem


Companies create to achieve results.

vHub is created to manage the results of different dimensions. The Dashboard of structural units has tools for the company's work immediately after registration.

Company structure
Business model description.

The company structure describes your business model with structural units that already have the necessary set of basic modules. You only need to add employees to it.

File storage within the ecosystem.

Files and documents reside in the company storage for easy sharing and viewing of relevant information. Documents of different formats are stored on structural units, which simplifies their management.

Fast and easy onboarding.

Hiring employees is a necessity for any company. vHub makes it easy to hire/fire people and increase efficiency with tools for describing processes and storing instructions.

Setting up and fixing the indicators.

System tools allow you to configure and record the results of the structural unit within the application, which automatically generates data for the «Company Result» and «Salary» modules.

Task Manager
Task-based communication.

Each structural unit has its own task manager, which saves the entire work history within the company. When an employee is replaced, information is transmitted automatically when a new person is connected to the system.

The vHub modules on one screen.

 All modules needed to close basic needs and achieve results are on one dashboard of a structural unit. If you have two positions, you will have two dashboards with different tasks. Just switch between them and keep working.

Basic and project results.

Vymex is structured to ensure that companies cover all the basic needs where non-obvious mistakes are mostly made. These include: communication, file storage and sharing, structuring company data, task management, etc.   

You will inevitably have to build this whole set of features into your company. How you do it will determine the future of your project.

Vymex minimizes the risk of doing it wrong.

Placement of vacancies
Smooth employee replacement.

The toolset and structure of the company are designed so that hiring and firing people takes less time and resources. Within the app, there is the option to post resumes and create vacancies.

Influence on future probabilities now by analyzing the past.

Everything you need for innovative management is at hand, just get started!
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