Smart solutions.

Make VYMEX work for you, so you can grow your business. Plan, analyze, synchronize with the team, and monitor your results all in one unified system.

Company structure
Well-organized structure.

In order to understand the results and make right decisions quickly, VYMEX will assist you in properly structuring all processes. With the transparent structure, people are clearly separated and tracked at every level.

Information database.

Establish a database and assign documents to the appropriate structural units. VYMEX has simplified recruitment and explains the way results are obtained for each participant.

All resources are in one place.

The process of defining and allocating resources is crucial for understanding how results are formed. VYMEX allows you to track the cause of the result of each activity and influence it.

Placement of vacancies
Find experts for the team.

The recruitment and HR tools in the VYMEX system reduce paperwork and save you time on finding, interviewing, adding, and removing people from the system. You will save time and money by using the VYMEX system.

Manage and understand results.

Achieve results by predicting, planning and monitoring them. Create flexible motivation systems and generate reports.

Projects and tasks under control.

With VYMEX Task Manager, you can control and exchange tasks with ease. Participant changes will not affect working efficiency or results.

Everything you need to know right on your phone.

All the information in the VYMEX system is structured and collected. Every aspect of your responsibilities is in widgets.

The VYMEX ecosystem consists of a suite of tools that work together according to a special logic that maximizes the exchange of data and saves you time.

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