Change job stress-free.

VYMEX makes it easier to find and add to a company's structure. Create resumes, find vacancies, and join new teams – all in one VYMEX system.

Manage your CV.

Create resumes for a variety of positions and submit them to companies you want to work for. VYMEX allows you to form your offer and receive offers from companies via one system.

Company reviews and ratings.

Find out all the details before the interview. You can check the rating and real reviews of the company, which will reveal all the hidden details and save you time in choosing.

Find the right job for you.

Get the mutual matches. Accept offers according to your terms. Send your offer to companies you want to work with, and only open your contacts to the best companies.

Research job opportunities.

This allows you to search anonymously, hide some of your information, and open it at your convenience. You will see all the details of the work in the offers from companies - goals, resources and processes, which will make it easier for you to make the right decision.

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