There is a high probability of problems in the world far more serious than COVID or financial crises…

The probabilities of these potential problems are so deep in the system of what mankind has created that they are difficult for a normal person to explain and understand by looking at one or more graphs and indicators.

And the problem is that until these causes have become a consequence, that is, have not happened, their existence is only a theory, and we are not used to believing in theory, we need proof.

One of these global problems I realized in 2020, when my team and I were planning and outlining a prototype of our system for managing a business as a resource.

I realized that the problem is not how we manage. The problem is how we understand business as a resource in terms of mathematics... Managing without understanding is possible.

We start to build as we have it in our principles. At the start it is usually incomprehensible, and then from existing developments and the experience of other people we try to build something that later we will call a system. Get our 10-15% profit and will not even think that we did something wrong, because others have even worse than what you have got)))

The very problem is the results... The results, how many resources we spend to get the indicators we get, how many people don't get the results like you do. Even though they had similar goals, somewhere in the formula and algorithms they got it wrong...

Just like the first, they have had time to burn a certain amount of energy/resources, which from the point of view of mathematics must first appear somewhere in the system...

And since we still have most of the resources/energy that fill the system with funds = money, appear through extraction from the subsoil or other ways, we are relentlessly worsening the overall condition of the planet.

From the sentences above we can conclude that whatever we do leads us to the situation we have now and in terms of probabilities, it is not the most favorable for us in the 15-20 years. I understand that it is difficult to imagine something worse than COVID now and put everything so far in time, but I think that someone, who reads this text, will have an understanding of the whole picture.

Any solutions that are built today on existing principles and the world system can be considered a recursive approach. I wrote about this approach back in spring.

If you build something on top of a system that has an error in its structural logic, or has no logic at all, then this superstructure is ineffective. More than that, it can only complicate the situation in the system on which it is built.

The solution to this problem, as it turned out now, I found back in 2018, when I was able to understand the pattern of formation of indicators and described it as a structural unit from which I derived the mathematically correct principle of building companies = results. Which is fundamentally different from the existing principles of construction, and as we have read above, the existing principles, we cannot yet consider correct.

Theoretically we have already confirmed our assumptions and created a practical methodology for results management in business. Conducted dozens of tests on real businesses, while providing services for setting up management systems from February 2018 to August 2020 (now only development).

We were able to test the methodology, with application prototypes created from existing technologies, which showed the results we needed to start development. But these are only tests that confirm our theories.

We even wrote our own language to read the results in the company. This will make it possible in the future to run simulations in minutes to test assumptions months or years in advance, but more about that later. This will be the «Third Phase of Construction»...

Now it's a very complicated procedure to create a new technology that is based on a mathematical pattern and requires a change in the basic principles of how we work, how we build and manage a business. That means we're doing something that aims to change the foundation of an entire ecosystem. It will, with some probability, create a lot of stress from the change, but it is capable of improving certain, dependent on old principles, which will ultimately reduce the likelihood of the problems we have steered our «common boat» in which mankind is swimming.

It was only half a year ago that I began to understand Musk, who understands the probability of the origin of some situations that cannot be influenced the moment they arise. Perhaps life on Mars with spacesuits would be no worse than on Earth without them…

I also began to understand the words of Jobs, who said that we are reinventing the phone and released to the world devices that one factory and millions of developers replaced thousands of factories producers of cell phones, players, disks, cameras and other junk, which was replaced by applications... Just by bringing the operating system principle to the world.And now they're throwing around complaints that they don't put charging blocks in the package with the latest iPhone.

People, try to look at things from different angles, the possible outcome becomes more accurate)

I wrote a report below that we started and went month 0(zero). After 8-10 months, I can decipher all these posts and my assumptions. Right now I'm actively working on a project and sometimes I get in the mood to write a few thoughts that turn into a carpet of text. Sorry if it was hard to read, I write for myself as much as I write for you.

A reminder that for people who are able to freeze their money for a year, investing in a project that can improve the future of people and contributors themselves make good profit figures after the launch of the product in mass use.

The cost of entry into the project from 5 500 $ to 110 000 $ per % of the company in one hand (the price is given for December).

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