What is company and results.

It is important to understand at the beginning that there is the physical world (everything that happens in reality) and the mathematics with which we try to describe it all in order to better understand cause and effect.

To begin with, let us define that company is a resource which man has created to produce personal results.

This resource was formed by combining various forms of other resources from the «human resource storage» such as intelligence, finances, the environment, the set of tools that went into this facility, and a host of other resources which had to be combined to make a company.

For us, the company at the same time = an abstract object, which is described by a set of structural units that constitute the company. The animation shows this set as an example. In the animation, we schematically showed 3 people with different results and the company inside, as a field of exchange.

It doesn't matter what kind of business you have. It's still a set of structural units in terms of math. It can be 2 SU or 10,000, the logic will work on the same principle, structuring the result into small components.

What else is a company to understand? A company is a place where resources/results of various forms are exchanged between different people (co-founders, employees, clients).

A company is an object that distributes resources to everyone involved and changes their personal results (the animation shows the return of results).

What for is that we are modeling? To understand the outcome, you need to understand its structure and the dimensions of the resources which are combined within the company to form them.

You bring employees into the company to bring the resources they own to the CoE. They, combined with your resources, will produce results which are further structured into company results and distributed to «people's resource storage».

«A person's storage of resources» is what any person owns and combines to achieve their goals. The cones on the planes are a visualization of the resources people possess.

Forget forever the expression that you own human resources in a company. You don't own anything. What we show in the model is that you engage people to share their resources with your company through a structural unit. A structural unit is not a person, but an abstract object to which the resources of the company are allocated, the resources of employees and contractors are brought in to produce results.

Forget forever that there is a direct exchange from storage to storage, it is not mathematically described, everything happens only through various forms of combining fields. Right down to space, time in all of this is just the moment when it happens…

To summarize, I wanted to share with you our understanding that any company is a field of exchange of resources/results between different people for their purposes.

And only if you can describe it mathematically, create a model, then the probability increases that you will create something that is truly effective and scalable. Vymex is an ecosystem where you create a company and we set up an efficient exchange of resources between the participants.

We share with ourselves the «basic results» a company needs and are easily laid into the Vymex ecosystem, just like an iPhone from a box with basic apps installed and configured. Also «project activity» is about sales, marketing and all the other buzzwords a modern entrepreneur often uses.

Only, as it turns out, the results of the company's project activities are very much dependent on how you build the basic results (structuring, communication, hiring/firing employees, task management...)

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