Architecturally or functionally.

Yesterday I was tagged under a post where one company's problem was deployed and recommended people for someone to tell me what to do. I love these kind of tasks, but I don't take them anymore since we started product development in the middle of 2020. But I noticed something and once again realized where people go wrong and what Vymex does wrong))

I'll try to break it down. I recommend reading to the end.

Most entrepreneurs take more functional approach to building and growing a business, which is spectacular, quick to build and low speed or low volume)

The post where I got tagged was about some retailer growing 8 locations in two months. There is a strong-willed person at the helm and many other perks, you just have to deal with the processes, as I saw in the challenge)

What's the problem with a lot of people?))

They are thinking functionally, looking for someone who will bring new features to the project, and those will do a better job of one task or another, maybe everything will be described and gain new power)

By that logic, the company will grow a little bit again and look for another toolset that carries a functional component and grows the company.

Then the people who will combine all this toolset, which is also not bad)

But, there are a couple of details.

People change and so do their goals, tools become obsolete and do not work for long without support, if the ARCHITECTURE on which everything in the company is built has even the slightest error, over time it will imperceptibly complicate everything.

That's what stuck in my mind when I read the man's post. I ran through a lot of other companies mistakes and attempts to solve them in my head. Everyone, in most cases, fits functionally and any ERP system that comes along as you grow up will solve your problems - FUNCTIONALLY, it won't change your architecture and foundation) How bad you had it there at the start determines the price for ERP integration. It's 100,000 $ or 900,000 $. It's about medium to large businesses.

And all their problems, in fact, began when they were a small business, at the very beginning…

I've met some cool and experienced guys in the market who approach the question of setting up a company from the foundation - ARCHITECTURALLY. They first figure out how the core is structured. Then, after changing the structure, putting people in the structure, they start to deal with the functionality of it all.

Respect to such guys. These super efforts and results will only show up in months or years, but this result will last much longer and be easier to manage. And in the future, the ERP system the company chooses for itself will be integrated with minimal customization and cost per solution - relatively…

For those who understood the text above, I'll use an analogy)

Imagine a person with an improperly arranged organism:

- the spine is fractured, the nervous system is messed up;

- muscles attached to fatty tissues, not bones;

- the brain is scattered throughout the body and parts of it sometimes go to another body, new ones come in that don't know what came before;

- organs more or less work, but everything is scattered not quite logically, the slightest step aside and this organism collapses or hurts insanely, although all its functions seem to work, it eats and produces waste, with some speed even grows…

What do you think such an organism can grow to? It has to be regularly maintained with various life-support devices and fed with drugs to make it work…

A lot of businesses look the same way because they are more interested in functions at the start, not architecture because it's boring and time-consuming...

Of course, 9 out of 10 will die in the first year of life…

Nature has been creating the human body for 3 million years based on the patterns of what happens to it... We have such a logic of body structure for a reason that carries such a huge amount of functionality on it...

The Vymex team once understood the pattern of business vitality. Now they have figured out the patterns of results in general and created a solution. It in due time architecturally solves those problems which everyone legitimately faces + to this Vymex is functionally pumped up enough to withstand most tasks in the business.

We are building an ideal body of a company in terms of mathematics, which is able to grow and develop. It has the right structure, you can't build something wrong.

The result of the right architecture is efficient data logistics, communication and structuring of small results, to control and develop them, adding and replacing people with minimal risk. Oh, and the cost of this is much lower than any functional solution. Businesses will be glad they did.

I am in no hurry to reveal all of our achievements, but I want to say that we will start a new step in the development of mankind by understanding and solving the global problem of fast-breaking up companies))

There is a little more material on the blog site, which will better disclose the topic.

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