100,000 $ in product.

Everything is so good, it's scary.

I really don't like it when it's comfortable. That's why we're now going from $20,000 a month to 35,000 $ and in a couple of months to 50,000 $ and so on…

The main bulk of the money goes to the team, the talent is expensive today, but worth it for sure.

I'm watching the recruiter's digits. If I did not have a hard filter on the moment of search and skip candidates, then we would be 20+ people, but we are in no hurry anywhere. I'd rather be a little longer to disperse, but with a minimum of errors and the product of the composition that I have always imagined)

Most of the people I've discussed the project with externally have inclined me toward a quick and easy MVP to get to making money and showing at least some digits $.

They are actually right to speak from the amount of data they have. But when you consider a few more angles, it's best not to make any sudden moves.

The design chief told me the other day that he was involved in several million dollars worth projects, but he had never seen a product like this before in the world. It seems that everyone who has applied for business products before will be shocked. That's the kind of goal that motivates me more than making money.

*No offense, colleagues, with the utmost respect for anyone trying to help entrepreneurs. But when I see only personal financial goals of creators in the products, I want to give the designer even more charge.

I'm fine with that kind of team goal, I like their ambition and desire to do, something off the charts. I'm willing to take responsibility for who we hire and how our management methods are set up)

Who wants to understand the order of the numbers that go into a project. We will spend more than 60,000 $ just for the Beta design, the architecture is not far behind and this is only the «foundation» in our calculations, which will soon be corrected. This is only 10% of the total cost of launching the project.

After the release of the product to the masses, the cost will multiply every month.

In March, we will still be growing in lineup. Right now the development departments are mostly expanding. As it turned out, it is even harder to find guys for big salaries than to assemble average salaries.

Not everyone has the ambition to take this size «barbell». But even if there is enough ambition, there are still a lot of filters to make the team feel good.

We expect only the best in the team. We don't promise anyone that it will be easy, and if it happens, don't worry, I'll fix it right away.

But to keep most of the team happy, I'm sure I can definitely do that.

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