The essence of the products is the most important perspective of our company regarding the probability of realizing its goals.

We divide the company's products into several components. The main ones are essence and form.

If you look at the organizational structure of our company, the Product Owner is responsible for the essence of the products, and the CTO (Technical Director) is responsible for the form.

The meaning of Vymex products is simple because it is logical. We are not creating new dimensions of results in the business, we are looking for a more efficient combination of the existing ones. We develop a solution to simplify them to place them in one ecosystem.

We don't follow standard principles where everything is structured into business processes. We don't look at the company as a set of business processes at all. But it's important to note that we are okay with these methods. We just look for solutions to global business problems from other angles.

For us, a company is a resource created for results.

To make it easier to understand the reason for certain company results, we divide them into two types:

  • results that relate to basic needs (these are all results that naturally recur in any business regardless of company size, niche, or location);
  • results, which relate to project activities (this is everything that is uniquely configured in each company because these results depend on a mass of factors: product, location, size).

If you look at the Vymex product ecosystem, you see the familiar set of tools for managing basic needs all in one mobile app.

Combining so much functionality into one ecosystem seems like a difficult task, but we did it all back in 2021. This solution will change the usual methods of building companies and managing results in business fundamentally, but it will remain not obvious to the main mass of users, just like IOS. Why did we think of IOS specifically? There, as in Android, there is also a clear division of user results into basic needs (which are already on the device at the time of purchase) and project activities (for which there are a million apps).

The sooner the business environment begins to apply this structuring of results, the sooner we will have an impact on the global statistics of inefficiencies in company launches, which has clear indicators.