Team. What is important is not the number of people, but the level of intelligence and the amount of focus that the company attracts and retains to realize its goals.

The level of goals of the company determines the necessary qualification of the team to achieve the goals. Only after becoming acquainted with the goals and the meaning of the products will a person begin to consider the company and the offer from other angles.

A person must evaluate not only the scale of the goal but also the probability of its realization and his results. More precisely, what resources he will receive if he chooses this company to achieve results.

What matters to us is:

  • the cost of hiring a competent specialist (recruiting);
  • the size of the salary for the position relative to the norm on the market;
  • the involvement of each employee in the company's goal;
  • the productivity of each person in the team;
  • having reasons in the company why employees will not accept offers from other companies with a salary x1.5-2.0 of the current financial motivation.

All of the company's resources have an impact on these indicators. From the weighty goal, the likelihood of achieving it, and the clear benefit to the employee, to the office, and the technology that is provided to the team.

The priority of indicators for Vymex is the ability to scale quickly and hire high-level specialists in large numbers in a short period.

By commercial version 0.8, which according to the plan should take 19 months to develop under stable market conditions, we need to grow from 5 to 60 employees. At the stage of version 1.0, the company will employ about 100 people. And if the company is successful in the first year, we will go from 100 employees in the company to 300 in the first year of the ecosystem.

That's why team-related results are very important to us. In 2021, we showed that we know how to achieve results about the "Team" angle in the company. The war forced us to analyze in detail all the results, and the components and find improvements in order not to stop in the implementation of the goals.