All tasks of the company in one application.

It's time to move away from outdated methods of company management. SU Tasks is a built-in module in the Vymex application, which organizes all accounting and work with the tasks of each structural unit and the company as a whole. Here, using structured information, it is shown how an official can effectively use (combine) resources to accomplish tasks and obtain the desired result.

SU Tasks is not a spreadsheet or a note system; it is a full-fledged task manager, which consists of a basic set of modules and is built into the Vymex system by default. In case of replacement of a person in position, all tasks and information will go to the next person.

The main thing is that the entire accounting of SU and all company tasks is at hand in the Vymex ecosystem.

Convenient and understandable task manager.

When you click on “Company Tasks”, you will see the entire list of tasks that are being performed and tasks that have already been completed within the company.

You can fill each task with detailed information: a full description, regularity of execution, files and instructions – all these are inside one application and cardinally increases the efficiency of task execution. A mandatory attribute of each task is a list of officials – those who are directly responsible for their tasks. They can be in the role of the executor (who performs the task) and the observer (who controls the work of the executor and makes edits/comments).

Setting up the basic functionality is not difficult. The system will set everything up logically itself. All you have to do is to create tasks with all the attributes, and the system will assign those who are responsible in the team by default.

Thanks to this module, you are not distracted from your workflow. All concentration is on achieving goals, and Vymex takes over all routine operations.

The tasks and goals of the company are under your control.

A few taps on the smartphone screen and you can already see all the tasks of structural units of the company. They are divided into:

  • current -– tasks that are in progress
  • postponed – tasks that are of secondary importance in terms of urgency
  • completed – a list of tasks that have been successfully completed and confirmed by the head of the SU

Thanks to the Vymex system, it will not be difficult for a manager to find out who is working and with what task, what performance indicators are showing. All information is structured and gives a complete understanding of how much work each structural unit needs to perform in order to achieve maximum results. You can also define how the SU should use resources for completing tasks efficiently and on time.

For all novice entrepreneurs, a solution has appeared in the form of a task manager, which is built into the application by default. Vymex conquered all task clutter with a single app.

We create tasks and manage them from a smartphone.

Whether you are a CEO or a content manager, you belong to one or another SU (structural unit). Tasks are created and assigned to an official (SU) – this decision is made and managed only by you.

The convenient functionality in the VYMEX application is that you can easily switch between task boards of different structural units, which greatly speeds up your work. This is convenient when you need to establish communication between structural units with work issues without leaving the application. Now nothing will pass by, because you manage the company in the Vymex system.

Employees leave, but all tasks and information remain.

This is not just a section in the application, where all the tasks within the company are collected. This is one of the most convenient forms of communication both within the SU and throughout the company. Here you can communicate with employees under tasks, leaving comments with the addressee's mark.

The Vymex task manager is designed in such way that when a person changes in the structural unit, all tasks and information to them are retained by the company – this decently saves resources of the manager and the company (time, money, human resources). This is one of the main advantages of the module.

In the Vymex system, everything is simplified and structured so that you can focus on more important tasks for the company.