All processes within the company in one application.

It's time to move away from the outdated methods of company management. Here, information is structured, how a person occupying one or another structural unit of the company can more effectively use (combine) necessary resources to obtain a result. This is all information for a structural unit.

Company and officer processes is not one long document; it is a set of structured information that serves as a reference for a company employee. If a person is replaced in a position, all reference material will go to the next person.

The main thing is that all the company's processes are now at hand in the Vymex ecosystem.

Everything is clear and understandable.

When you click on "Company Processes" you will see the entire list of processes, each of which has a full description, regularity of execution, files and instructions that increase the efficiency of performing certain tasks. The necessary attribute of the module is a list of officials – they are the ones who are directly responsible for their processes.

Setting up the basic functionality is not difficult. The system will set itself everything up logically. You just have to create processes and fill them with all the attributes that are listed above.

Thanks to this module, you will not be distracted from your workflow. All concentration is on achieving goals, and Vymex will do all the routine operations for you.

Who and what should be doing.

A few taps on the smartphone screen and you can already see the company's processes. All processes are divided into:

  1. processes that are assigned to you as an official
  2. processes that concern the whole company

Thanks to the Vymex system, it will not be difficult for a manager to find out who is working on which process and what performance indicators is showing. All information is structured and gives a complete understanding of how each structural unit needs to achieve its results, how to use resources for their intended purpose. Each, in turn, has its own set of powers and responsibilities, which are balanced throughout the entire work process.

For all aspiring entrepreneurs, the realization will finally come that they have a description of who and what should be doing. Vymex conquered all the clutter of processes with one app.

Сreate processes down to the smallest detail.

Whether you are a CEO or a sales manager, you belong to one or another SU (structural unit). Processes can be created and attached to the SU or to the entire level in the company. 

When creating a process in a company, you can fill it with the following characteristics:

  1. title
  2. description
  3. time frame
  4. performer (SU) or level

In addition to the main attributes, you can set up notifications for each process, or simply not use this function. This is convenient when you are inundated with various tasks and work moments. Now nothing will pass you by, because you manage the company in the Vymex system.

Essential files and instructions on hand.

This is not just a section in the app that describes the company's processes. Here are placed documents that related to regulations, vacation requests, etc. Everything is collected in one place, which helps you quickly find the file you need and not waste time looking for the person who has the information you need.

Everything is simplified in the Vymex system so that you can focus on more important tasks for the company.

Adding a person responsible for the process.

Once you decide to create a process, filling it with the necessary attributes, you need to install the performer. It can be either separate structural units (SU) or a whole level (in turn, can consist of many structural units).

These simple but effective actions will save time on building a procedural system within the company. Thanks to Vymex, each structural unit thoroughly knows what processes need to be worked on and when tasks need to be completed. Any successful company is built on this principle.