Clear company structure in your smartphone.

As you build structure, it builds order for you many steps ahead. It will become the most important tool for your company, which at the same time will put the foundation and act as a connecting material.

From the tool used to create structure, you can go anywhere in your company, to any official – from CEO to sales managers. You will be able to see which process an official is responsible for, which targets are being fulfilled for today, or vice versa, how the resources are arranged and whether there are enough of them to fulfill plans.

The main thing is that the whole structure of the company is now at hand in the Vymex ecosystem.

Everything is clear and understandable.

Few clicks and you can already see a structure of the company from your smartphone. Here, as in the palm of your hand, the structure of the working team is in front of you, where all structural levels and structural units are indicated. Between them, the Vymex system has established working relationships, thanks to which it is clear, who is directly subordinate to which official.

Setting up the basic functionality will not be difficult. The system itself will set everything up logically. You just have to fill the levels of the company with new structural units. Only then employees can occupy them and start performing tasks.

Thanks to this module, you will not be distracted from your workflow. All concentration is on achieving goals, and Vymex will do all the routine operations for you.

4 levels of efficiency.

Any company has a structure of 4 levels. Each, in turn, has its own set of powers and responsibilities, which are balanced by structural units in the work process.

Now you can see, who is at what level, in what structural unit he is. Vymex defeated all structural mess with one application.

Each level is a set of structural units.

Whether you are a CEO or an office manager, you belong to one or another SU (structural unit). Any company is built from SU and each of them has built-in applications for resource management, process description and results monitoring.

A structural unit in the Vymex system is an official unit in a company that is created with the aim of producing results. Each SU forms its own bank of resources from material, immaterial and structural. To use them for their intended purpose and with maximum efficiency, the structural unit is guided by processes and ultimately produces a result.

Schematically it looks like this:

What role does SU play in the Vymex system:

  1. SU is a new concept that, using the resources and processes of all employees, gives an understanding of the formation of the result.
  2. SU is a universal concept, the meaning of which is the absence of attachment to a person. When an employee changes, all resources and processes are automatically transferred to a new one.

As for the employees of the company, under your management they occupy positions in the SU. It can be as one person or several. It all depends on the size of company, the workload and the professionalism of employees.

Your team is always at hand.

Few clicks - and a structural unit in the company is created. You can just as easily add/exclude members from it, as well as assign other roles to employees.

Having created a structural unit, the system will automatically build the all necessary set of applications for the level. It will give you the role of the executor, which will make it possible to fill applications with the necessary resources (materials).

When you add a new employee to this SU, you automatically transfer control and materials that are linked to work in the company system. The structure also shows the growth opportunities for employees and will show you which official in the company is missing in order to reduce risks and increase the efficiency of the entire team.

Well-coordinated work with Vymex.

As soon as the company has a clear structure, you automatically set up data logistics and application communication with each other.

These simple but effective changes will save time in shaping fundamental needs. Any successful company is built on this principle.