Messenger Vymex – for work and communication.

You are probably used to the fact that for communication for work purposes you need to constantly switch between task manager, operating system and messenger. It seemed inconvenient to us at Vymex, so we put our messenger into the system – you quickly get used to good things.

Messenger Vymex has collected a full set of functionality, thanks to which user can communicate for personal and work purposes: group chats, file exchange, high speed of work, contact management, etc. Whether you are the owner/manager of a company, or a specialist in own field, use the messenger freely from the moment you register in the system.

Thanks to this approach, Vymex user can quickly contact colleagues, discuss details of plans and indicators, clarify the status of current tasks – all this is possible without leaving the messenger.

Chat for personal purposes as much as you like.

To develop the messenger, the Vymex team was guided by the idea of creating an internal communication tool not only for work, but also for communication for personal purposes. And we did it.

Now each user, having passed registration and authorization in the system, can use the messenger. This makes it possible to find potential employers, or replenish your company with high-quality specialists without leaving the system. You do not need to pay for using the messenger – it is completely free.

Conveniently, the list of your phone contacts is automatically pulled up to the Vymex messenger. Thus, the user quickly sets up communication with people who are already registered in the system and work in it. If the contact you need does not yet have an account with Vymex, he can quickly register or use your invitation (or from another active user).

New company – new working contacts.

The messenger helps to find working connections throughout the system. Every company owner can find high-quality specialists for any position, based on his own requirements and requests. As for other users, they have an opportunity to find work in a trusted company – there is no need for third-party job portals.

After clarifying details of vacancy in the messenger, approving the mutual conditions and obligations, in a few clicks the new employee gets to the new company. The owner/CEO adds him to the structural unit (SU), thereby approving the employee in the position. This is how Vymex's seamless recruiting and replacement system works.

The new employee automatically receives the entire set of contacts, each of which is a team member. With a displacement from position in the company, the user by default loses the list of contacts and data from dialogues with them.

Now you do not need to request contact details of colleagues and switch to third-party services – all the concentration on achieving goals without unnecessary routine.

Discuss tasks and goals without leaving the messenger.

An important quality of the Vymex messenger is its practicality in the workflow. The user does not need to switch between task manager and messenger to clarify the details – all this is possible without leaving the Vymex messenger.

In addition to communication on tasks, the employee can organize group chats. This is useful when you need to simultaneously notify the entire team or part of it about important information. Employees are aware of all the news and do not go astray.

Chat members can share files and documents, collaborate on tasks, and work on improving company processes – Vymex beat operational clutter with built-in messenger and with more.

Complete data security using SEKS.

One of the main tasks for the team was to secure the messenger from the inside and outside. The safety of correspondence data is a prerequisite for the well-coordinated work of the system and all its components. The Vymex developers have done this and more.

The team managed to create their own security protocol – SEKS (Secure Encrypted Key Shuffling). It comprehensively covers the need to secure information, its storage and transfer between users. The SEKS protocol not only contributes to safety of the messenger data, but also has a positive effect on the speed of its operation.

All security measures are already built in by default in the Vymex system. The owner does not need to configure anything – the messenger is a reliable tool for business.