Happy New Year!

Thank you so much, you are my result! Without you, I am just an idea!

The year was terribly difficult, but difficult does not mean bad.

I adore my team. What you do makes me accelerate in my development. The product we create has such a likely impact on the world that years from now everyone will thank you as much as I do now!

You are the coolest to me. I don't need cool stories about projects from California. You are much cooler to me in Kyiv than all those guys and their results! I will do everything for you to succeed in everything you have planned and want!

The co-founders who joined and the investors who are considering us or for some reason did not join us in the project. Thanks to you we derived the optimal solution and plan for the project, which will affect the whole world with its purpose and materials) Every criticism and doubt only gave improvement to the materials and strengthened all angles.

Close friends saw me when I was «diving under the ice», holding my breath with faith that I was doing the right thing on the other side. It's because you believe and support, too. I sometimes admire you to tears, how you find the words and strength to support all my risks and attempts to make things better) You all know and understand! Thank you, I adore you!

This year we will show the world that we could have done things differently. Finding solutions is not just somewhere with lots of money, the ocean, and good government. Solutions are the ideas of crazy people and the implementation of a cool team.

You all are the best thing that has ever happened in my life and without you all I am just an idea!

Happy New Year!