A little bit about implementation processes.

There are projects of varying complexity and cost. In the screenshots I show one of the angles of the product. This is the design of the application, which went through its most difficult 10%. At this stage it is already clear what the finished product will be and what it includes in general. If we talk about the cost of these implementations, then only the design will take more than 50,000 $ out of the company's budget.

I saw websites and solutions costing 50,000 to implement when I worked with Vintage Web Production. Cool guys, I'm proud to know them. At the time I thought it was expensive.

Friends, everything is relative…

When I talk about what we create, I often come up with analogies. For example, imagine building a large soccer stadium, for 100,000 guests…

Imagine that all these people have to get their tickets, get into the stadium, sit in their seats, and each of them will do different things, which in our case has to react in a split second and be unrealistically safe, because it's people data.

Architects of such facilities are the smartest people in the field of construction, in my opinion.

The most important thing in our project will also be architecture and design, which we are now focusing on as much as possible. We are not in a hurry to speed up development until we have laid out, every step of the way. So that every action you take will give you the result you want as quickly, safely and accessible from any device as possible.

Now everything is going according to a plan, the assumptions are confirmed. The product will be at its best, without pilots and saving on where it is better not to save.

The foundation guys in the team were unrealistically thoughtful. They, when had seen the goals of the project and its preparation, realized that it was not a startup at all, as everyone is used to treat new IT developments... Some factories are built with less readiness in the calculations…

In the screenshots below are the stages in design, which predetermine further terms and understanding of the complexity of implementation and ease of use.

I did not attach screenshots of the architecture. Please, believe me, it's just as serious and extensive there. We are rewriting all the best existing solutions in the world, aiming to make the system even more manageable and secure.

The other day we found a solution which could get confused all existing ERP and similar primitive business management software on the market. We will tell you about it a little later. With all due respect to the old school, you have done an insanely difficult job, but technology and progress do not stand still)

At the end there will be invitations for new participants.

If you are a cool specialist or know such in the field of development (Back, Front, QA), I'm waiting in private messages for any information.

If you are an entrepreneur and in the long run understand that it would be cool to have a stake in a similar IT company that owns infrastructure products, you can easily buy a part in our company.

You don't have to be an investor to do this, the entry price starts at 6,500 $ in February and keeps going up. I will attach open offers to buy in one of the screenshots. Do you know who to recommend such a project to, I would be grateful for recommendation.

With this post I wanted to share stages and volumes because now it is the most interesting stage of implementation for me when everything becomes clear and we can start talking about it openly.

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