What the product is based on.

At the core of our new product, we put the natural principle of achieving goals that result from the interaction of resources and processes.

Please look at the picture after reading. I think you can understand it that way. But believe me, it is very important in our work. This is just a diagram that, in terms of mathematics, explains the result of an individual)

The maximum resource in the «storage» makes it possible to imagine what goal you can set yourself, which will consequently give an understanding of the resources that you need.

The goal for each person is an individual «line» and very rarely a financial result. Stock finances are the most liquid resource to build up other resources.

You can see from the picture that if you have insane financial results but no intelligence or health, it will only be a deviation from the norm, which on the «line» goal will still average into a result and not help you. Often finances can grow quickly if intelligence is off the charts and health allows.

When you are asked for something, it is simply a transfer from one «storage» to another, not an exchange.

I don't listen to such things by default unless it's someone close to me.

At the top of the picture, I have highlighted the storage of a normal person. When a person is as balanced as possible, does not disperse any of the resources and gradually develops without risk to health and to his achievements.

Each resource in the storage is a separate area of your life, something to do with basic needs and the other.

The multicolored triangle. This is how I marked a person's own business, which without other resources in the storage is not realized by itself either) The system for managing this resource is the first product from Vymex.

This post, probably, like other abstruse ones will get less «like» marks, as it is not quite normal) But I wanted to share with you so that you could imagine your «resource storage» and maybe allocate such a resource as focus and time for something more)

I first drew this chart just like that, when one of the first investors wanted his company to be the founder of a share in my company. I drew this diagram and proved that it is not logical. Violates the natural exchange, which in consequence will form unnecessary «layouts». The resource can not own the resource, in the end there is always a person. And only by accepting this you can buy a share in my company.

About another. Who wants to put some of my company in their warehouse, then I'm waiting in private messages. There are price tags from 6,000 $ to 120,000 $ as of today)

My company is a small resource in my storage that, with the help of other resources, is being transformed into an intellectual one. It is projected to be one of the largest and most influential companies in the world, at least for the next 10 years.

The business is the space on which the product unfolds. The product is the resource into which the idea turns. The idea is the resource into which the once-understood pattern that «any metric = outcome = (resources + processes) /2» has evolved.

We'll show everyone more details soon when certain resources in my storage area get to a safe size for their public presentation)

To create something useful, you have to get very twisted with something that has already been created before. Understand what was wrong and set changes) You have to become a little abnormal to it, because normal people make normal products.

Think of all the people who were considered abnormal at the creation stage and then, when time has passed, called them geniuses.

Jobs, Musk said to Bezos: «Well, what books over the Internet?»

Ford was told he was an idiot and horses were the best solution.

Man always seeks to normalize his resources and any deviation from the norm causes stress. That's why a normal person will always criticize what they don't understand)

Understanding, to you!

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