The solution and goals are the main resources which bring everything together.

You will never poach a single specialist from a company that has both.

And the owners of these resources, on the contrary, «mockingly» without much investment, gather the best specialists around their goals at the expense of solutions and opportunities.

For IT recruiters. We have 17 specialists in engineering (product development), 6 of them Senior/Senior+ and 11 Middle/Middle+, Junior we can not afford - it is expensive.

The average cost of recruiting for our team is about 400-500 $ (recommendations mostly + job posting + recruiter motivation for filtering and processing), with the fact that the IT job market is overheated with vacancies with space offers around. But there are no targets or solutions out there that can compete with the ones our guys produce)) I just love it.

What the team does well saves the company money on everything. Production, recruiting, marketing, even sales. We're already on schedule for January for the pre-registration list.

Yes, I'm not disputing that at the start we had to take a big risk, betting everything on the solution and methods, but here let's not forget that those very methods of construction and management are our product. Here we were lucky, we chose the right niche.

In the team, of the vacancies, there is only space for Middle-Senior Android dev... Who knows such specialists, I will be glad to recommend them. I can safely say to you, the person will thank you)

In December part of the team will tell you what Vymex is all about. You will see that this is really the best team and only they are capable to do such weighty goals. If only money had held them back, I wouldn't have put public data about people on the site and would have spelled out the contracts more strictly... But for now nothing is stopping us. If someone offers anyone in the team something better than what they have now, I would only be grateful to them, because it would increase the likelihood of improving their lives)

But I remind you, you must have more serious goals and solutions and here money does not solve at this level, here about something else)

Who has not been on the site yet, do not come in yet. We will update a little early next week, and in September will reveal the next 40-50% of the product information. In December at the presentation will show the remaining 50%, after which life will not be the same.

Those who wanted to buy shares in the project from us, there are also problems. They began to sell out in advance. The stage when it was not clear is over. The likelihood of the plans being fulfilled is maximum. The assumptions laid down at the start, confirmed and continue to improve)

Got it.

Thank you all!

Especially the team. This is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life, without you I am just an idea.

I sometimes, when I stay at home, spin in my head the statements inside. How happy everyone is inside the project, that tears come up) Yes, my face-brick also knows how to tear and this is the happiness for me. Because it gets everything I wanted, even a little more.

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