The recursive approach in business.

- All these years we've been trying to solve the equation without changing the underlying assumptions about time.

- And...?

- And that means that every iteration is a proof for the sake of proof, and that's a recursive approach, it doesn't make sense.

- Are you calling my life's work nonsense, Murph?

- No, I'm saying that you tried to finish it with one hand. No, with both hands tied behind my back.

Watching probably for the fifth time «Interstellar» I came across some interesting dialogue, and it seemed to me that many modern entrepreneurs are stuck on the «recursive approach». They too, like the characters in «Interstellar» are trying to solve problems with their hands tied.

Let's take a simple example. On the body of an old and dysfunctional system, we try to build something new. We implement new tools, buy sophisticated ERP systems, or improve some individual parts of the business. An important detail - using old techniques.

We are betting heavily that the new system will work better and solve our problems. We are even hiring young specialists who know the new tools like a fish in water. But in the long run we do not see any problems, although all of our actions already lead to inevitable mistakes.

In the initial stages it will be difficult, but effective. The person in charge of the new system will flounder and try to cope with the chaos. He may even succeed, so that we can proudly tell our environment that we got out of the darkest depths and are now doing fine. After a while, we might even get used to working like this.

But then we will see that the new system has its limitations - we seem to have grown up, but it's kind of hard to keep going. A young professional is not so young anymore, and the system is already outdated. The good thing is that there is a new system and a lot of young professionals who know it like the fish in the…

Wait. Oh, that's the recursive approach I was talking about.

It turns out that the problem is not with the customizable systems in your business, but with the core itself. The fact that there is no pattern and everything new we implement only adds variables to an already chaotic body. So also do not listen to those who structurally see through your companies and point out errors, just because they are unaccustomed to you all count…

That is why I decided to create an operating system for companies. So that, even people who don't understand much about it, can, without any deep mathematics, take a ready-made workflow and foresee mistakes that will appear in a year, three or five.

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