Zero month of the Vymex project.

There is a great desire to report to those who followed or participated in the last month. It can be officially considered as month 0 (zero) for VYMEX OS project.

Of the hardest...

It's hard to single out one thing. I will try to list the main, weighty moments at the start of the project:

1) How to do everything correctly, legally to secure the money of the co-founders and not create an inevitable situation for the project in the future or a reason to go into the shadows...

A task with an asterisk, as the cost of 1% share at the start of 20 000 $ and every month grows. Since the start of sales will change algorithmically by world standards

Our legislation and such a form of registration as LLC was not designed for this in principle. If you do not have 2 000 000 $ to put on the statutory fund and then sell them, then break your head and lawyers, how to do it without violating the laws. We found methods and laid out scenarios, had a couple of additions co-founders, money in the accounts, everything flew according to plan.

Planned for a month «zero» to bring in about X thousand dollars for registrations and set up Beck office, came willing to more than X*2.5 thousand dollars...

The fact that the shares began to sell at this value confirms that the value is justified. These people have watched all my developments, assumptions and probability calculations, the level of awareness and experience in business of all participants is average and above average…

(screenshot of the fin.model, where the result of zero month on the entry of funds is clear)

We first planned to work through one legal scenario with an increase in the size of the share capital, but after the moment when I limited the sale of shares of no more than 5% in one hand and made a monthly addition of new co-founders, plan №1 broke down. We had to quickly find a method even better and safer for all parties.

Finished everything, worked it out, now adding new co-founders is done with three documents in a couple of hours.

Took a lot of time to formalize, it really flooded my head, the lawyers were shocked by my methods and applications, but as it turned out, people are ready for «white» but complicated schemes.

Someday for startupers, I'll share this method.

Thanks to everyone who has already entered!)

2) The team. The hard part, regarding attracting a real top-level, at this stage of development. All IT people, want either a stable age, or X2 in price tag just for the fact that you are risky yet. I had to collect references, even before the meeting to assess the maximum number of filters of the person and at the meeting on the first try to «reveal the cards» stronger than before the investors, to increase the probability of hearing - «Yes».

​​Now I want to highlight the UX Designer. Sasha, whom I will talk about in detail later, is of the highest intelligence. In the recommendation for him it was said that «I will have to pick up the keys...». But in fact, as it turned out, Sasha was simply no longer interested in doing simple projects and was waiting to be shown the size of the «HUNDRED» that he had never lifted before.

He understood from the presentation what I found and how I wanted to implement it. My goals and values aligned and I got a solid «YES» but the conditions were stressful for me.

He asked for a 100% advance payment. The amount is such that I have never paid such money to people before. One month of not touching the person and maximum freedom of action in the area of design. I had no choice, I just asked to comply with the rules of the company system, as this is our strength and does not interfere with his creative studio)

I haven't heard from Sasha in 20 days, I only saw that he was online in Telegram) I put them together with the Architect, and our default system requires reports at the end of the month for the period and planning for the next.


Sasha in an 18-minute video, recorded a report that destroyed my expectations and gave me the desire to write a separate post about Sasha later and to give a share of the company even before the official release)

This is unrealistically cool. He even had the weight to change my favorite old Logo completely. There's 90% of the design system in there, which will allow you to multiply the design staff and speed up deadlines.

The product also changed the logic of the main system screen, which surprised me, how he was able to come up with so simply. Well, and many other features that will please the user.

Here I would like to give you a round of applause. The design of our project will be trend-setting in the market for system products and interfaces.

3) Architecture. Also a separate conversation, which costs insane amounts of money and carries huge risks, choosing the wrong people for a position or choosing the wrong technology. So here we've checked a lot of times, check our assumptions and bookmarks with people who we couldn't hire, but we can attract to the planning. Architects and Designers are creating the story, which will be built into the core of the product).

4) Setting up the Back Office - it's boring to describe it, there are a lot of things set up there, too. The way we solved the issue of recruiting, I'll share separately sometime.

The accounting issues were closed by one contractor, the office and all the other things with a minimum of focus and with maximum efficiency.

Found and was able to attract a cool CCO who was able to understand my principles and the way the system works. Who has seen my prototypes, understands what she had to go through for changing the settings in her head, but still figured out the company's system and I was able to save myself that amount of time and focus.

The company also got a patent attorney on board, and he did everything the way I wanted regarding TM registrations and development patenting planning.

5) Work with the co-founders is built so that they always know everything and understand what the results and plans of the company at each stage, at any time can sell their share or part of it.

I am satisfied with month zero, month number one we have loaded. I am glad that in the team began to appear TOPs, it is more important for now even than investments. This will form more confidence in future candidates and create a product of this level and in such time, as I have laid in the calculations.

Yes these guys are very expensive, but this level of product, sorry. We do not create another online store and not even a CRM …

Stress is accepted as a tool for muscle growth) Long time not come out with the news, sorry.

Some things I want to tell more, but I have an NDA with my company and team who recommends to keep such things for the time being.

Next month we'll definitely have more to tell you about, even more!

Good luck everyone, thank you for finishing it!

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