The foundation of everything is a structure.

My favorite phrase is: «Results in result» or «Human resource storage» looks something like what we reflected in the video in the attachment.

If you want to get to the bottom of some cause and effect in terms of mathematics. Then build a complete product around that so that it can grow and work naturally, whether it's for a company with 1 person or 10,000, then you need to figure out the structures which make it up... Everything depends on the structure.

Without structure you can sculpt anything if you don't care how it will multiply and evolve…

It's also important to learn to accept that everything you've seen and understood before is probably wrong…

To notice other people's structures, to look for errors in them, to model in your mind the result and decompose it into components.

It's a lot of thinking, observing what's going on in the world, combining causes and effects in your head, coming up with «languages» to put it in your head and if you really cling to something true, it adds up in models and mathematicians start to understand you too)))

We never tried to be simple and understandable in the development stages, that's why mankind invented «Marketers».

They will make everything nice and clear. But to make it work at high speeds and loads, you must first find a model (design) and then build all the functionality on it, and then wrap it in a simple and understandable form, where you push a button and a miracle happens)))

Below are two models which explain the principles of sharing resources between people to produce results per unit of time and the structuring of an individual result into components at different points in time.

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