The foundation on which Vymex is built.

We have a business product in version 1.0 which will also appear in Beta first, vHub. In version 1.0, it is 90% of the system, but over time, this value will decrease significantly.

Vymex itself is a little deeper and more fundamental. It is the name of an ecosystem and there will be many products in it.

In the ecosystem, by version 1.0 we will release another HR module, which will be called vRise and the vChat messenger. All of these products will evolve within the system and at the end of 2023 we will show a couple more products which will make some people happy and some people will be hard-pressed.

Now back to Vymex, what is it? It is a system for managing human results.

Think about it a little bit. Your company is a resource, created with the goal of results, which at the same time is just a field of sharing and combining resources between different people (co-founder, employees and customers of the company). You can see in the animation that these are all completely the same people, just different resources contributing to make things work.

If you now think even harder and think about what a messenger is, you will realize that it is also a«field of resourses exchange» for the sake of individual results. It just has a simplier structure than a company.

Everything in the world is a combination of resources producing results.

For us, a person = a storage of resources he combines and develops for the sake of his goals.

As our observations with mathematics have shown, there are no direct exchanges of resources from storage to storage between people. There is always some kind of combining field in the moment, where a mass of different resources with different weights of influence on the result is involved.

Vymex creates a resource for managing different forms of human results.

You have many apps on your mobile device which work with different forms of resources, combining everything into your personal result.

And it's all managed by the IOS or Android operating system.

Here is Vymex, a system where different apps live, all connected by the same logic and rules of operation.

The first ones would be vHub, vRise, vChat.

When you understand the model below, life should become a little more difficult at first, but in five years, whoever figures it out first will be more efficient and adaptable to any goals.

We are about the efficiency of the resources a person has in his «storagе».

In mathematics, people often come up with «languages» to describe some results. Here what we are creating is a language to describe results. It is highly likely to be the most efficient in the future.

Below, animations are just simulations. We create them for ourselves more to better understand the logic of interaction between objects in time and space.

The architecture of the products has much more influence on the result than the functionality.

Architecture is like the mechanism inside a Rubik's cube. We can't see it, but it dictates how everything will come together and how it will work.

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