What am I doing all this for?

Everyone who has seen my project presentation will remember at the end, where I show and explain the mistake that our past generation may have made, which I want to correct now. But only that little person next to me will fully appreciate it when she grows up)

There are fundamental things that it's not enough to just paint over and that's it, it works…

The foundation of everything we have today is the principles by which everything is organized. The way we get results. These principles were created by people from our past. Some for us, but most for themselves.

I admit that there used to be a lot of free resource. In an era when we learned how to mine fossils and translate them into money, which adds up to the digital equivalent somewhere at the top of the pyramid. This is not bad, or good. That's the way it is now, and there are no charges being thrown around for past generations. You chose your goals back then and achieved them. You did it cool on the understanding and principles that were formed before you did))

I was far in my mind buried in the essence of what is happening, to understand where the beginning. I realized and began to create a resource that aims to correct it a little for us and the next generation)

Now the background is still drawn from that time where everyone tends to pad the numbers, get away from problems and drink smoothies somewhere in Bali or other places where problems feel less)

Friends, we are on the same planet, where are you going to go?

I like the times in which just money can't close the mouths of products like Tesla. And a lot of other similar projects. We are all one organism, a collective brain that strives to survive, and when someone just wants to line his pockets, it is already easily determined and such projects weaken little by little. And those about the future are gaining strength…

Now I do not want to unwind a lot of details, without charts and explanations will still be difficult to convey, wait a little, soon everything will be)

I'm probably writing now more for the miracle that sits near me.

When she is an adult and begins to understand the past and the future, she will be able to give a qualitative assessment of all the innovators of today. Because right now, most of the world's projects continue to see only financial gain and sink for it.

My point was to think now: «What will they have?»

I hope they will judge the past not by the number of billions in their accounts, but by who has done something useful for them. Because the numbers on their bills will not make the air or drinking water cleaner for everyone. I really believe that now is the perfect time and that technology provides enough insight to influence the situation.

When we have something to show I will come back to this idea and then we will speak the language everyone understands)

And now I just came across a photo that strongly fits the main purpose of what I'm doing now, why and for whom) And only children will be able to read it to its full depth when they grow up)

Think about the future, money is not the main resource there!

Vymex is about the future of the most beautiful things that can happen to us, it's about our children.

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