Vymex is a company that develops an ecosystem of products to manage basic business needs. Vymex ≠ product.

The possible goals of any company are determined by its products and user solutions. This will determine the available niche for the company on the market.

The possible result in this niche will be determined by how the company aligns all the necessary angles/results about the goals over the whole distance to the moment of implementation.

Competition with other companies occurs not only with products or marketing but with all angles of the company simultaneously, since all components of the company participate in each of its results with different weights.

Products of the company may indicate an available niche with $10 million a month income in the global market, but an error in the implementation of any of the angles multiplies this probability by X... And after multiplying all the angles it turns out that the company is only available in the local market and income of $100 thousand a month.

Vymex products make it possible to set goals to compete on the global market with other companies that now provide resources for businesses to manage their basic needs.

Vymex goals:

  • 1% in the global market by 2030;
  • to remain as much as possible a Ukrainian company (jurisdiction, co-owners, team).

Vymex's readiness to realize its goals is much higher now than in 2021. All the load, which the company lives through due to the war, gives discoveries in the structuring and essence of the products and market work. We believe that the implementation of a company of this scale in Ukraine will be of great benefit to the country in the future. Financially it will increase budget revenues and show other companies with big goals and opportunities that launching in the Ukrainian jurisdiction is a very good decision.

The image shows the company angles in our niche and how they need to be prepared to have the desired result. In the next few months, we will reveal more company angles. This will be useful information for companies whose resources allow them to compete in the global marketplace.