Today's methods of doing business have long outlived their usefulness. Vymex is a fresh perspective on results management.

Those methods of structuring data and resources that are used for running a business have long outlived their usefulness and spend extra resources in each of the company's areas, at least communication, at least file exchange, or even the processes of hiring and adapting new employees to a team.

These methods are still used today because there was no solution and resource with which to increase efficiency without increasing costs and risks. A big focus on the fact that the old systems take away the strength and resources of hiring and introducing a person into the company. And this is only 5% of where companies are losing resources.

Vymex is a Ukrainian IT product company that develops a mobile application for managing resources and processes in order to monitor results. The company's product is a performance management system that helps users free up time from routine processes and focus on their main goals.

The old principles of work are based on people who build the chain and structure of the company, where everything is interconnected. If one link fails, the chain of process collapses and the risks of losing resources are high (temporary, financial, human).

The structure of the company.

Let's take an example of a standard business. A person wants to get results from their product (money, emotional satisfaction, etc.). As a company expands, branches grow. 

Additional departments (marketing, sales) appear, everything that is in any business. As long as this company is small, there are no particular difficulties and risks are not felt. With the growth of the company, the functionality becomes more complicated, the departments grow, the people too, the expansion takes place. The business faces a number of difficulties that cannot be resolved by growth in sales or revenue, and only 10% of all companies remain afloat at this stage. These difficulties are a consequence of the methods of building the company and the logic of combining resources taken as a basis.

Most buy an ERP system that connects, strengthens the structure and protection of the company. ERP specialists do a wide audit and charge a lot of money for it. For the company, this will give more coherence within the company, while a number of responsibilities are assumed by an ERP specialist and any change is paid additionally. Full-fledged ERP systems are not available for micro and small businesses, the volume of which is 95% of all enterprises, because they do not have such budgets and volumes that "connect"

Digging into the depths, the principle of building a company according to the Vymex structure is fundamentally different from the usual chain of interconnected persons, it is built according to the principle of a fractal.

One result is split into thousands of small results, which are eventually collected together by overweighing. Any company is built from a SU (structural unit) and each of them has built-in applications for resource management, process description and results control. By building the structure of the company, you automatically configure the Data Logistics and the communication of applications with each other within the company, which saves time on building fundamental needs. Any company is built on this principle.

A person, having created a Structural unit in the system, will automatically build the entire necessary set of applications for a given SU level, take this role, as an executor, can fill applications with the necessary resources (materials), and when he adds a new employee to this SU, he will simply transfer control and materials, who work in a related way in the company's system.

This greatly simplifies the hiring procedure, for this you just need to send a resume or confirm a job invitation and that's it. You immediately find yourself in a structure that already has all the necessary applications, resources, processes for work.

How this is effective for the growth of the company.

If you have mixed roles and functions, you will not be able to create a structure. The system, with the help of its structure, distributes everything very logically. The structure also shows the growth opportunities for employees, because it often dictates which official the company lacks to improve efficiency or reduce risks.

The structure of your company will be the tool that sets the foundation and becomes the connecting link. From the tool used to create structure, you can go anywhere in your company, to any official (from CEO to loader). You will be able to see what the official is responsible for, what targets are being met today, how the resources are arranged and whether everything is enough to fulfill the plans.

At the moment of creation of the CE, all resources are structured in the "Resources" application into tangible and intangible. This will describe all the necessary materials used by a person to achieve the goals of the structural unit. Having described all the resources through which the results are achieved, you will be able to create hypotheses and assume possible changes that will affect the CE results and in the result of the company as a whole. This entire functionality will be built automatically, and when people are replaced in CE, all that has been gained will simply go to a new employee who will be added to the company.

What will become more comfortable for employees.

The company creates or adds you to an existing SU, which has applications that are automatically configured and populated by the officials who held the position before. Everything you need, from the company to the SU working files, is structured and organized into shelves. You just connect to the system and work in it in accordance with your tasks. When a person is replaced in this SU, only the person changes. Information, resources, correspondence and processes remain. When you buy a phone, you don't need to create an app, you just download and use it.

Registering in the application, the user is taken to the main page, where can create a resume or a company (for business owner). Inside the VYMEX system, there are already created and connected applications for creating a structure, file exchange (Task Manager and Messenger), file storage and applications for managing the company and relationships with co-founders. You just need to fill them with the information you need.

The result of the company in Vymex has information that pulled out the necessary data from each official in the system, staffed it in a squeeze, how much was done, how much agreed salary, how many bonuses and fines, how much wages were charged, how many advances were given, how many days a person did not was at work and this amount has already been deducted from the rate, etc. And the Dashboard also brought up the Balance on the account, showed exactly how much and on what day, which official spends money and how much money will go to the company by which official, the fact of fulfilling the plans for now. This is only a template result, otherwise you can derive any indicator for yourself from the Dashboard and make a decision. The most important thing is that all these indicators are formed in advance and are visible at the time of making changes.

Processes of the company and officials.

The processes of the company and officials are not a long document, but a list of functions related to a particular position (SU). This is a section in the appendix that describes the company's processes, regulations, vacation requests, bonuses issued, etc. Everything is collected in one place, which helps you quickly find the file you need and not waste time looking for a person who can provide this information. Everything is greatly simplified to focus on more important tasks.

It is important to remind that all the functionality developed for mobile devices is free for the user. Only the company, depending on its size, forms the cost and pays for the application.

The next important point is that Vymex is of tangible benefit to the people using the application – this is the "Encryption Protocol". It was developed by engineers within the project, and it will become an opportunity to move away from building infrastructure in the company in the form of servers, sysadmins and additional costs arising from this. You will get a level of security that will allow you to safely keep your data in the cloud and understand that it is safer than keeping your data in a "closet".

VYMEX is like in 2007 from a push-button phone and disks with flash drives to a mobile device with an operating system and a set of applications that are configured for you and ready to go. If something is not enough for you on the device for your purposes, you go to the "Store" and install the necessary applications.