Dashboard as the main working screen.

One of the main screens for working in the vHub application is dashboard, which is available only to registered and established users in SU of a particular company. Dashboard is the screen with all the widgets available for structural unit (SU). Each SU has its own set of widgets, which depends on the hierarchical position in company. When you click on the widget icon, you go to the screen of corresponding module, where all its functionality is located.

Dashboard consists of widgets, the number of which depends on structural unit (where the user is) and on the SU position in company structure. The more authority, the more widgets are visible on dashboard.

The main thing is that the entire workspace of SU and company is now close at hand in the Vymex ecosystem.

The path to functional modules is through widgets and tabbar.

Thanks to the Vymex system and its harmonious software architecture, it will not be difficult for both the manager and the worker to find out about work tasks, processes, results, and resources. All this information is divided into modules, which are displayed as widgets on dashboard.

Widget is a graphical interface element that displays a module in the Vymex app. In other words, it is a mini-application that allows you to quickly get the information you need or compressed information about the module. The system of widgets and modules peculiar only to the product “vHub” (career management).

Module in Vymex is a functional application in the system with which

user can manage the performance of his work, the work of his SU or the company as a whole. The vHub’s product modules and the status of basic information about them are displayed using widgets. Clicking on the widget opens the full module window with detailed information.

The set of modules for SU at different levels is different, as is the set of powers and responsibilities. In vHub application, the basic modules are:

  • Structure
  • Processes
  • Results
  • Resources
  • Tasks

There is also a tabbar for quick and efficient navigation between the modules. The display of its components can also be customized.

Tabbar is a toolbar of elements (buttons) that is designed to quickly switch between modules in the Vymex system. The display of buttons can be customized according to their importance and priority to the user.

It will become more convenient for entrepreneurs to manage the company using widgets and tabbar in the Vymex application. They are easy to use, increase your productivity, so that you are not distracted by routine trifles.

The higher the level of SU in structure, the wider its functionality.

When you click on the "Dashboard" you will see the entire list of modules in the form of widgets that are available for user. Only those who have already joined some company in the Vymex system or have created their own can work with dashboard.

There are four levels of structural units, and each of them has its own set of modules. Accordingly, they are displayed on dashboard in the form of widgets and in the form of buttons on tabbar.

In structural units of the IVth level, only the basic 5 modules are displayed. As for the SUs of the higher levels, their set of modules is larger – they have more powers and responsibilities.

It will not be difficult to customize the display of dashboard at your discretion. You can change the order of displaying widgets, the sequence of module buttons on tabbar and their number. The Vymex system takes over all routine operations so that you can concentrate on goals and results of the company.