Everything becomes clear.

We know what level the user will get in the output and what it will look like. It will be something that the market has definitely not expected from anywhere else.

I will show materials which I want to share. Here's an animation, for example. Part of how our designer sees the shape of the product.

Yes, it's not the original, which will be much better, but our team's tastes can be judged even by this.

Vymex is made to change.

More and more material will manifest very soon.

This is just a resource for the site, which has long been asked of me to see what we do create)

In fact, on the old website, with tables and boring videos for three hours with me, there was a lot more information about the same thing we're doing now. Because the most important thing is the METHOD, and the form in which it is wrapped is already a matter of technology and the tastes of the team. There are already more than 10 of us and we'll be about 60 people in a year. The best in their business is aiming to change this world for the better.

Stay tuned to Vymex news. This will be a paradigm shift, not a new system on the market.

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