Something I had been waiting for a very long time has happened.

On June 6 I made a speech at YBC Dubai. It turned out that I managed to properly structure the information about Vymex:

  • what are the products of the company and what is the connection between them;
  • how it is possible to attract private investments in Ukraine in such amounts and under such conditions;
  • gave us an understanding of how we run our company and why we are able to tolerate crises or growth with relative ease;
  • showed how to more logically count projects and create assumptions;
  • laid out why companies «die» with a 92% probability in the first year and only 3% survive to three years;
  • how the emergence of such systems will affect the future of business in the world.

For the first time it was possible to explain so simply the connection between our solution and the global problems that humanity will probably have to live through. What most scientists from all corners of the planet are trumpeting.

There was a lot of emotion at the end. It was even the first time I saw a man start clapping at the zoom.

Thanks to Aleksey Nakaznyi for inviting me and then allowing me to post the material in the public domain.

I think it's worth seeing for anyone who wants it to be better in the future!

Find the strength and watch it to the end. This is about you personally and your future. You will understand what is wrong with companies right now. It doesn't matter if you own that company or if you are an employee.

Looking at only part or sections of it, you won't understand the whole picture. While we are still difficult to explain, but it is already better than it was before.

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