What is Vymex.

Finally found terms which explain more clearly what we are creating.

If we divide any company into the results that are needed to achieve a goal, there are two main types to understand. These are basic needs and project activities.

By the way, it's the same with humans. There are basic needs and there are project activities. The mobile device that you use out of the box is able to cover your basic needs, but for some project activity, you install additional applications on it.

It's the same way in business. You just had to get it right architecturally)

Basic needs are what any company or even an individual needs in order to sustain life. To be in the environment it inhabits and to conform to it.

In business we can include these results:

  • structuring for easy data logistics;
  • information about the people in the company;
  • communication and transfer of various forms of information;
  • storage of company and employee files;
  • setting and executing tasks;
  • description of processes (rules governing work);
  • hiring and adding people to the company, firing and transferring responsibility to another person;
  • fixing the results of people in the company and payroll;
  • a description of the material resources assigned to the company;
  • description of material resources assigned to people in the company;
  • company balance sheet, fixation of expenses and receipts (interaction with the balance sheet);
  • company management (company information, access levels among the team...);
  • team calendar in relation to the project;
  • and others.

When you understand this, it will be much easier to live…

This is all a listing of what any company is going to build anyway. It doesn't matter if you are 5 or 10,000 people.

How you build this will determine your opportunities in the future. The results of project activities are just as dependent on the realization of basic needs.

Project activities are unique results for each company every time, depending on what kind of product it produces. The type of activity determines which tools you need for marketing, sales, analytics, storage, etc.

It's thousands of variations of different solutions, the world has learned how to create... A lot of CRM and ERP for those who got to sophisticated levels)))

I've been looking for a long time to explain what Vymex is. So, found an understanding myself, finally))

We have created a very mathematically clever software program that will cover the basic needs of any company. In analogy, like a mobile device, from the box is able to cover the basic needs of any person. Then, depending on his choice of activity, he installs apps on it.

You have no idea how many problems it produces if you trivialize even one of the items listed in the basic needs...

This imperceptibly creates unnecessary friction, and then a host of consequences…

While you are small, you will not notice all this, and when you are big, you will be limited because of errors in the «foundation». This is how you built the «basic needs» of your project work at the beginning and can't easily fix them because there is so much «buildup» of project activity and huge risks from change...

In two years, when we go through all stages of the project and information about Vymex product becomes available, there will be a lot of different products which set up the «foundation». The very core of the company, which is a set of rules, principles of work and implementation of basic needs)

I am very much looking forward to this time and waiting for the team to show the product to the masses.

It will save a lot of companies in the future, greatly affecting the entire ecosystem and relationships within the business environment...

Now it's hard to estimate the amount of benefit that such systems will bring to business, but that's okay. In 2007, very few people understood what the IPhone was all about. I'll tell you, even today, not all people understand how a mobile device with an operating system has affected humanity.

Just remember. Vymex is the solution to all your basic company needs = the foundation on which everything is built.

And everything else, including sales and production, is a project activity.)

I was relieved to find the right product description after only 4 years)))

And all because we understood the logic, understood the problem, our company internally uses our own logic and prototypes. So it was easier for the team to develop it all. And the description and explanation we are just now forming.

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