Sasha Kim - Vymex design dad.

Let's start revealing our cool team)

There was a thought that they would be poached. Then I thought it would be super if someone could offer them a better resource for their purposes than they have now))

Sasha Kim (pictured) - the second person who appeared in the project, this is our Father of Design. You have no idea how cool and strong this person is.

What he was able to do was within the reach of a few. At the start, when I had a mass of incomprehensible tables and tattered pieces of system logic, he was able to understand the goals and capabilities of the project. In the first 20 days he changed the logo, developed the design system that is now the basis of the product, defended the idea of the output on the phone, described the full scope of design, created assumptions for the year, how the design department would develop, how much money we would spend and how the design would evolve in versions 2-3 and beyond...

Before that, he was the Art Director of «VINTAGE» in 2016. And the last project he did was «Distribution of data from NASA satellites». Now I won't talk about the awards of their work, he was already bored to work for them.

When they gave me a reference and a contact for him, they said that he needed a «key» to pick up. As it turned out, he didn't need a «key», but a BARBELL that he hadn't tried to pick up before. As it turned out, Vymex was just the right size, he accepted the offer immediately. There were conditions that were a risk to the project at the start, but I had faith in his talent…

There is no stronger designer in the world today for me.

I will write later about most of the people who influence the project internally, though I couldn't help but show you Sasha first.

This is the guy I would put on the covers of magazines as a man of the year. For what he endured and didn't give up in the last couple of months in the family. There were complications with his family's health and such stresses that normal people give up and merge, but that wasn't about our handsome guy. He had the strength to solve everything and bring it to the right controllable level, in general, as with the design.

Now Sasha is back on the road again. After what he went through, the power reserve has grown so much that I can't imagine what he will do now with the project.

There will be many performances from Vymex in half a year. I think he'll tell everything himself, it will be a real delight.

If you consider the phenomenon, where in Vymex do such titans come from. I think it is the very notion of their goals and what probabilities include in the project as a resource for them.

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