About understanding and its essence.

We all strive to understand something in life, and we can understand something by looking at it (the result) from different angles.

In mathematics, it looks like this: something is given and equal. What it came from, for an equal, is a different point of view, because it reflects completely different data, but in its result it reflects what is for an equal. We are constantly looking for what to change in the equation to get faster or easier understanding of the result and achievement of the consequence.

Now, to understand what I'm writing, turn on your imagination a little bit and focus, please.

Imagine now any object or look at anything near you, you have now imagined it in the form of a name, what the object stands for. It's a word or a sentence, at the root of it, some language in which you see and understand it. It's one of the angles from which you looked at it. If you fantasize, imagine some other angles, you can find more languages in which you can understand it.

There are lots of different languages around the world that form understanding from different angles around the same object or result. If we are not sure or do not understand something, we can create our own language to look at it, and sometimes that language becomes more effective than all the languages that existed before.

Mankind is constantly creating a lot of different languages. Mathematics, for me, is one of them in which I can look at some result and look for patterns in that result which make it)

For example, tying shoelaces or neckties. There are clear patterns to which we can write language if we want to but these are very easy tasks, just imagine the equation.

«Left under the narrow end to the right and left under it through the loop tighten = necktie tied». There are many ways to describe the result of tying ties, we can imagine them all, analyze and understand which of them is the most effective)

We won't do that now, I have other goals from writing this post.

I want to complicate the task a little bit and present you the results in business because it is also some data and there are also languages in which we understand it all and represent in the head.

Few people were probably bothered as I did with math and finding languages to understand these results, as everything works and makes profit, but…

I found a formula in 2018 that, from some angle, gave me an understanding of the result)

It's an insanely simple formula. «Result = (resources + processes) /2»

But if you think about it and make it a little more complicated, you can use this formula to build a structure and try to go a couple of levels deeper. Then try to apply it to real business and look for confirmation of the pattern you find.

I had to review a little bit of everything that has been invented by mankind before today, to question the results, and to dig in to prove my theory)

My environment knows I did it. It has been insanely difficult, but still the formula is there, it has shown everything, tested in the real sector and has begun to take shape and build a new language around it, in which I can calculate any result for today. It's difficult so far, but I'm sure Russian or English didn't get there in a minute or a year, either.

What I created gave me the opportunity to see where there were mistakes in understanding the result in the business before and to lay out possible scenarios to fix them. I lived my tool prototypes for two and a half years, sold their setup in companies with the goal of getting to the point where the system will work and it can be counted as Software (platform) and write a single tool that will withstand all of our methods, to get results.

The other day I asked an employee (engineer) the task. Visualize the language in which we work and we started digging in this direction. I want to tell you that one of these days we will get a clear language, which not many people will understand yet. But on its basis, we will create a tool into which you just add your structure in the way that we have laid out and see your company inside out on all levels.

This structure is the most effective today for understanding the result in business in terms of mathematics)

By testing your structure through a tool using the language we are creating, you will be able to see which of the elements in your company can be changed to improve the result. It sounds a bit complicated so far, but in this world, simple solutions don't produce the right results on a global level anymore.

Now just try to imagine the language in which you can read the results in business)) It's a head explosion, even for me at the moment.

This post could not get any simpler and it is not about the product we are creating for humanity, but just a small part of it. I just wanted to express my joy that I and my team were able to get to the point where, thanks to a pattern we found back in 2018, we started creating a new language that easily mathematically proves the results)

About the Vymex product. Everything is on track, investors are connecting, calculations are being refined, development processes are up and running) 1% of the company is worth 20 000 $ today. The conversion from presentations and receipts shows that we correctly laid down the cost and conditions, and still can afford to raise the price every month, which we did.

Good luck and understanding everyone!

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