Mistakes in our lives and what they mean.

Yesterday I was looking through stories and saw Cherniak's question to a successful entrepreneur about whether he has made mistakes in his life.

Didn't listen to the answer, let my brain go to think and came to the conclusion that if you are happy now, then you haven't made mistakes in your life.

I just asked myself, did I make mistakes?

Then I analyzed the state of my goals and realized that all the things I had lived through, fallen and rose, they were all not mistakes, if I am satisfied with the result today.

Change even one component in the past and everything would be different today - the «butterfly effect».

To say that if you had done things differently, you would be better off now is impossible too.

So look at the state of your results and understand for yourself whether you were wrong or not.

On the board there is a solution that deals with the metrics system. Once we show the product and the solution, the world will no longer be the same.

For the mathematicians, I will say that we have found how to weight the results, thereby moving away from different dimensions in order to simplify the methods of calculating the results of the company on the foundation.

Different dimensions are hard to reconcile, so companies either used «simple averaging» or focused only on one result. One result is not enough to build motivation for managers, so the concept of «manager» was very blurred in the systems…

Let me tell you what we did. The engineers were able to show a working prototype of the system, all that is left is to wrap it up in cool software.

As for the implementation, I will also update the information, because I haven't shared it with you for a long time.

The method we have developed and on the basis of which we are building the system has proven itself in the way that I have always imagined ideal. Now there are already 19 of us and they are insanely motivated and successful people. All of them are getting the project on schedule and their goals related to the project are very likely to be accomplished.

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