The new system that everyone is talking about.

Scheduled update of the site in September completed)

We added information about the project. Now everyone will understand that we are building the next big system. But how big and important it is, we will show only at the presentation, which will be held in December.

The format and location of the presentation are still being discussed and materials are being prepared. It will be something unexpected)

My friend says that we've already got it. The app is just an attempt to provide for myself and the team as well))

We will show exactly what we have achieved at the presentation.

For those who are registering for the first 1000, I want to tell you that we will think of some privileges for you for sure. At least an invitation to the presentation, if we decide to hold it live.

But the fact that we may be dosed with opportunities to register companies on the resource, in order to have time to work off the launch, it's very likely.

The pre-registration plan is already done for January. I think now a couple of mentions and the plan will be completely fulfilled for another couple of months ahead of time.

I've had people come up to me this weekend in the LOB21 lounge and say we're doing something that no one understands. But they're already discussing it in every investing club or hangout, which is very good for us)

We will add information. Let there still be material for the formation of opinions and expectations)

It is already difficult to write something clever, because of such speed and the level of tasks that are now difficult to describe in social media. Sorry, I will probably write rarely before the release.

In terms of realization, everything is great. In terms of money entry for implementation, everything also turned out as we wanted).

All the hard stuff is over and just beginning.

We increase the load on the capacity, in time to build the team, by the release will be about 45 people.

Everyone who thinks he has some talent and enough experience to «pick up the heavy stuff». I will be glad to talk to you. We always have something to offer for the strong)

The site also has a form of feedback from recruiters)

I wanted to write that the site added information, but it turned out as always)

Have a great day, everyone!

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