There is no progress without stress.

I'm in a good mood, I couldn't think of anything to write about, I just wanted to share my emotions.

Now we have started to form a presentation. It's going to be a fireworks display of insane cost, value and benefit to people)

Soon we will write a detailed article on about what Vymex is. Until then we are keeping it a little secret on purpose. If you think you've got it all figured out, my friends just smile when you say that.

Only at the presentation, which I do for new investors, I show everything in expanded form, where the business solution is just the tip of the iceberg. At the presentation I will show everything. I recommend signing up for the waiting list on the website, they are the first to see the presentation) I will also tell you that the product will be free for users.

In other news. We have another math teacher in the team. I'm already shocked at who's joining us.

Now I will not say that it is easy for the team and me, but I understand the level of the problem we are solving and the cost, which will have to pay for the solution) If everything was solved only in money, I would not worry at all. In that respect, we are happy people)

Right now I'm worried about the team. It is a big stress for them, they were normal people before. The project will make them superheroes just.

Life has prepared me for difficulties. I even wrote a post about it once in 2017, but it's not all there...

I'll tell you everything later, in all the details. There will be a lot of answers, why and how.

My friends know the details, and I thank them most of all. Thanks to them I bring out everything I set out to do)

The team are my new close friends, for whom I will put everything on the line)

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