We did it! The presentation is ready.

Yesterday we published the first piece that shows in a non-entertaining way what Vymex is doing. Why it matter to people and how much.

My team and I purposely did not cut out blocks to reduce to any standards, because problems and situation in which everything is now are not solved by standard methods, as practice shows.

This is still just the beginning. We still have a year to go into BETA. But that's the price for a quality product and the benefits it can deliver.

In the full material, we don't talk much about the application itself, since that's not the main thing that's important to understand right now.

I figured out a year ago that the problem is at a lower level. That's where the movement of all resources between people begins, and that's the fundamental principle of combining resources to get results (you'll see it all in the video).

It was very difficult for the team to cope with such a task, and for me to keep the information about the understood principle and how everything is built on it closed, although we could still disclose the theory from the beginning and keep everyone informed.

A lot of people ask me: «Where does a team like this come from at this stage?»

I answered that the reason for everything was the product. But everyone has products. Whoever looks carefully to the end will have the answer he needs. But I will say again that it is the product, or rather, its goals and probabilities that form the team.

Goals and probabilities are what people have been putting their money on as an investment in the project. To date, more than 1,000,000 $ in private investment has been raised from people we are about to show everyone, too. They've seen all of our developments at all stages and that's why they parted with their money so easily. Most of them believe that this solution will not help the business, but a little longer to live on planet Earth in a more comfortable environment for everyone, but most of all for our children…

Yes, Vymex is just about all that, as pathetic as it sounds…

We have found and dismantled a highly probable problem and created a solution that is aimed at the very epicenter of events. That's where the error is laid down and then it develops into a mass of world processes...

Everything is so much blurred in the understanding that there is supposedly no error…

But all the charts and world indicators say otherwise. Scientists trumpet the condition, but there are no solutions to deal with it yet either…

I highly recommend taking the time. Spend the hour and a half in which we have laid out an explanation of the problem, the solution, and the goals of Vymex.

To the entire team, co-founders/investors, thank you so much for investing in this challenging task. Most of us have non-financial goals as a priority.

All the complications are yet to come, but I like the beginning.

Thank you for reading all these long«carpets» of text and for your support, even though I never put it all out there in the big picture. Not because I don't want to, but because I can't write short and beautifully. And that's good, because if I could do that, just lay out my goals, the reasons Vymex is built on would never arise))

I would be grateful for repost. I need it now more than ever.

Here's the the full video.

And this is a general compilation of all the important points from the three videos, which we'll be posting soon)

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