History of the Vymex team.

Very soon we will show a film about the team which will demonstrate why Vymex deserves all the awards a projects deserve today.

I initially took a big risk by not looking for stage specialists available for me, but betting that I would be able to sell the idea to the top specialists)

Then I trusted their vision and once again took a risk, not to produce a simple and cheap solution, but immediately undertook to implement something that no one else had done in this market before.

Then we assumed that by investing in the comfort of people and the environment where they would spend half of their lives (the office), we would save a lot by making hiring cheaper and people willing to be in the office more. Though few understood why we were spending money on plants, nuts, masseuse and birthdays... Right now it costs us 300 $ to hire a Middle level or higher engineer when the market is paying from 1,500 $.

Many people didn't understand why we were paying 8,000 $ for rent when we could have rented for 2,000 $. This is how we save the focus on office maintenance and costs on some basic processes. By overpaying we have saved a lot of money and focused on the project rather than repairs, internet outages or controlling water and coffee leftovers.

Why write your own services and rewrite a lot of libraries when there are free and working?) Why write your own encryption protocol and other crazy stuff when there's a lot available in the world? Because the cool specialists aren't interested in working on simple things. For them working on uninteresting stuff, you need to put a salary above the market. We have a surprisingly low payroll compared to other grocery companies.

A lot of other abnormal things implemented in Vymex combined to give an unrealistically strong product that allows you to keep a very cool team not with money. For which I am overwhelmed with a level of pride! Each of these people gave a part of themselves to the project and will never be ashamed of doing something that others were afraid to do…

I love them with all my heart! Today, these 46 people are superheroes to me. I wish everyone had teams like this. We'll show the movie by the end of the month, but in a meantime, watch the teaser. I cried when I reviewed the material. It's a shame we'll have to cut 5 hours out of the 6-hour material to have adequate time. But what the team didn't know was that I was filming this for myself and the people who made Vymex the first year, not for marketing. Just to recap what we were able to do and how it was)

In a year we will be 100+ people. Management will have to change a lot to keep it all growing steadily and the project achieved the goals it had set out to achieve) Then all of our personal connections will dissolve a bit in a large mass of people.

This is the price of a huge result, everyone understands this and everyone is ready for it, but I just couldn't not capture this year)

This is my pride, the pride of the team. In the near future we will show why it is the pride of humanity) Very soon we will show the goals and solutions in full glory. I tell you a secret, version 0.7 is in its final tests.

Enjoy watching)

The VYMEX team, you are the best I know in the IT world.

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