Why hadn't I made the presentation everyone was accustomed to before that time.

For 4 years I was building a company and attracting investments, without making a presentation about the project in the usual startup format, even though I often heard: «Send us a presentation, we'll take a look...»

There are a lot of reasons for this:

- I'm a weak designer;

- I am a weak copywriter;

- ….

There were many other things I was weak in, and I am still weak in some of them now... This is good for many reasons…

I am very glad that I was able to attract a team that was able to do a huge amount of work concerning the building of the company. A small part of this team were marketing specialists who made a presentation on the level that I had always imagined.

4 years have allowed us to live through all the assumptions that are built and updated at each stage. From noticing and understanding the pattern of results formation in companies in 2018 to today, where we already have 46 people in our team. Over 1,000,000 $ has been translated into a new form - Vymex, a company that develops products that are able to impact the world through their solutions and implementation methods.

The way we were able to implement the attraction of private investment from entrepreneurs from Ukraine and why this is so, we will later disclose, it is still not clear to many and not commensurate with how normal startups do it…

How I did not go crazy with such stresses, risks and level of responsibility with agreements (this was predicted by psychologists, who watched me in 2019 and gave such comments...). Also reveal a little later, but there are no secrets, everything is easy to explain.

Just unconventional...

I also noticed the fact that the lack of a presentation earlier, when there was still little extracted material and lived results to package it, I had over 100 meetings in 2021 alone, explaining what we were creating. And the harder it was to explain, the better the new understanding of what we do for ourselves was built.

The more difficult it is to explain to others and the more stressful it is to demonstrate goals and methods, it only makes the product more powerful and clarifies all the details. Yes, it «hurts» in the head, but that's the price for new resources and understanding...

You review what you've said each time, notice where there were reactions to it, and change the method of explanation each time. This forms new correlations in your mind and only makes things better…

That's why I told some of my opponents: «The more difficult it is for me to explain what we do, the better the product will be». A special thanks to them for reinforcing everything.

But there were some unique people who understood from the first 45 minutes of the conversation that we were building and immediately confirmed the purchase of a share worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. I reviewed their stories and understood why they were able to see everything so easily... We'll talk about them later, too.

It was different, but it was all very relatable given the level of product we were able to create.

Why do I say so confidently, because we have been testing the app and all of its systems internally since July 2021. This is a very large ecosystem, which it is important not to show users quickly, but to get all the fundamental things right and assemble a team and co-founders worthy of such a load.

It's a very good thing that in 2018, 2019, 2020 it took me a long time to raise money for the company, because I would not have had time to understand and model so many angles.If I had raised money then, I would have gone to the list of those 90% of startups that die in the first year. We didn't realize that until much later in implementation, either. I'll describe the reasons why startups die in such volume at some point, too.

In the meantime, we continue to support Ukraine. We work harder than even before the war. We support the team. We don't save everything we have that is free, we send it to the needs of the army. We are on the side of good and protect our own, so we will definitely win, I believe in the people of Ukraine!

Ukraine is the perfect place to launch new and strong projects! The time is always right. And it won't get any better until you do something about it.

Have a great day, everyone!

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