The next 5% of the project.

Let's start «releasing the spring» a little at a time. To all who believed, thank you! This video is for you from us.

I love everyone who follows the project. I get a lot of different messages. There are those who admire, others who don't understand and are trying to figure it out. There are those who are outraged that nothing is understood.

Explanation. We weren't planning to openly show what's being developed until September. We just don't need it at this stage...

Everything is great: the team is formed in a timely manner, the money comes on time and in the right quantities. Sometimes there is even a surplus for the project. In the field of engineering we also cope with the challenges.

There are already 22 of us and in July there are +3 more people.

I am happy with all parts of the product and the logic on which it is built.

Vymex is the future of business technology in the world. Detailed information will be regularly updated on the company's resources.

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