How VYMEX will work.

Nowadays, using of technology has become much easier for people. Buying a laptop, you take a ready-made set of systems and programs to use. Using phone, you take a finished product and fill it with your information, set goals, launch necessary applications to work with them. To achieve new specific goals, person simply downloads the application he needs and uses its functions to implement his plan.

The structure of Vymex is based on a mobile device. You only need to install an application on it, which is configured for everything in such way that business and people within the company need for effective work. The system has a set of basic applications that structures and connects all information according to already developed algorithms. Your task is only to fill it with meanings and tasks in the necessary sections.

What's inside Vymex?

  • Structure and logical distribution of information, folders, blocks. Everything is stored in its place, which makes it easy to find and work with information.
  • Storage for files and for everything you need with high usability. 
  • An application that stores a knowledge base (information necessary for an effective start of work) for an employee who will take a position in a business unit.
  • Results of company are reflected at management, where all processes and results of business unit and whole company are visible. Result of business unit is an application that summarizes all results, shows total salary, completed working plan, bonuses, vacation lists, etc. All information is gathered together at the time of making changes, and you can instantly see a result. Here there is a distribution into financial and non-financial, planned and non-planned results.
  • New employee will be aware of all correspondence within business unit, since task manager is configured within system in such way that an entire history is saved at business unit and new one employee in company will immediately receive everything that was previously developed before him.
  • Messenger Vymex will be a revelation for most of you, because it is end-to-end. Everything has become easier and you no longer need to use several messengers for communication - just one. It contains all information of business unit: from its creation till present day. All useful functions for negotiations, file exchange and more will be created on the resource. You just have to choose in what role you will communicate with person or which business unit of company you represent. This can be a private chat or business unit chat (post), where all correspondence will be saved. 
  • From the moment application is installed, functionality of profit’s distribution and financing of the company is available for co-founders. If you own the entire company, 100% of the company is yours. As soon as you share it with someone, system distributes and sets up a lot of automatic procedures.
  • Issuing and calculating wages, planning expenses, calculating a person's working days automatically brings together all data, which greatly simplifies the work of finance department.
  • Job search and hiring is also built in and available by default. You just have to create your resume, fill in personal information, skills, cases, resources and apply for a vacancy. Thanks to this feature, you can even accept an offer from a company. Everything happens quickly and efficiently.

Understand that person only needs to install the app and describe the company. The system will unpack and distribute everything itself. Within the system, all processes are logically and systematically divided and interconnected. You should focus on main processes and on filling the company with people. And this is not all that we offer - this is only part of forming a company according to the Vymex structure.

It is important to know that new encryption protocol will save your pocket from unnecessary expenses from building company communication from inside, and this is not a secure method. This is ideal for small businesses, because large companies have spent too much money to build something like this.