Happy New Year to all!

Had an insane amount of fun the first two days of the year.

And not because it's New Year or because it's the first time I've ever gone anywhere that requires a passport.

Something more pleasant and something that money can't buy happened)

In addition to acquaintances and close friends, almost the entire team wrote me such cool congratulations with gratitude for the year. I reread them and tears of joy came to my eyes because of the experience and the results we really achieved in 2021

Everyone writes about what a great team we managed to assemble, how difficult, but cool it was. About moments when there was nothing left but faith, but by some miracle, we solved everything at the last permissible moment.

Even those who had to be fired wrote a congratulatory letter thanking us for how happy they were to be involved in the company's result.

I wish you all that at the end of the year people with whom you lived this year, as sincerely as possible, wrote you such congratulations. This is a very cool indicator of performance because you can't fool the team. And insincere messages only waste time reading)

I love people who lived this year with me, it was unforgettably good!

Happy New Year to everyone!

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