Preparation for the presentation of product.

We are preparing for the presentation of Vymex products and we will invite 3 people to whom we will show everything we have developed: the goals, the solution, the figures, the team...

All things that are not available today on any resource from us. But, what is really a product that we are not ashamed of)

Two people we already have. They are a cool entrepreneur from Poltava and an entrepreneur + blogger from Youtube. We need more recommendations on cool people)

The main requirements for these people from us are:

- intelligence above the norm;

- has a pleasant personality;

- has results in business;

- has the respect of their audience;

- achievers in life.

I need references from you on people you would like to see in the presentation. If we have the same desires and understanding of the person, we will contact and invite them to meet us.

We can't invite people who have already seen the product, even though we have mad respect for every one of them. I want to make the presentation «cold», without any pre-prepared emotions) But people who have seen Vymex's ideas and solutions will now find it as easy as possible to recommend people. They understand what awaits them). I have made dozens of personal presentations in this format during the last year.

The recording will be in podcast format, where I will personally show and explain everything in plain language.

Probably not for everyone again. You'll still need to work hard for this, but the criteria above will allow you to really enjoy the dialogue)

Tag people you like as an entrepreneur, his goals, and his results, it may be even stars from Youtube, even unknown, but cool craftsmen.

This is where you really need your help in finding them.

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