Exceeded the plan and almost 300,000 $ in the project.

Already received 293,000 $.

The % share sales plan for April has already been fulfilled by 110%.

The team found a method of data encryption in the system and told me that I can safely say that in the world such a level has not yet have a system. Those crazy developers in the photo sometimes don't go home for 38 hours at a time. This morning I saw in the photo that the СTO hasn't gone home in over 48 hours and hasn't even gone to bed yet. I don't fully know his motives, but it motivates me a lot. I will «bite someone's leg» for them if they say something bad in their direction.

We have the team that everyone probably dreams about

The mathematician was able to work out a method for weighing the results. This is what we've been working on for the last six months.

Until today, all the systems we know work with the simplest averaging. My point is that our methodology is fundamentally changing the methods of calculation, and it is like a person snapping a seed.

The system that I have tried to configure for the last three years in all the projects I have tried with «manual settings» shows itself in all its glory. Everyone to whom I show how our management is structured is jealous.

Designers have already broken through the ceiling in the simplicity and beauty of the application. It's about UX and UI. It will be something you won't even have to study and you won't need any consultants, just download and use it)) The way the design system is built in the company, that's a separate reason to write sometime. I'll ask our Design Daddy someday to show people how everything should be set up)))

The recruiter from Dnipro adds such cool people that I wouldn't mind going to get the award for best team when we show all the.

There are 15 of us already. Then, as planned, we get up to 50+ in the first year. If you dreamed of working on a product in something that benefits people and closes your goals, then welcome to our team. If you're sure you're cool. Developers are always needed, look for our jobs on Dou.

Who was thinking of buying a share from us, it will be possible only in May, the price of 33,000 $ for 1%.

In touch. I fly from Odessa from a meeting, with pleasure I share the news with you. Sorry I haven't written for a long time.

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