When I see the words or requests for guarantees, I get the feeling that we are using the wording a little wrong or misunderstanding the term.

Everything that has to do with people's activities and outcomes has only probabilities...

There is no guarantee that we will all make it home today, but there is a high probability that we will.

If you are told, when planning any results, that this is highly likely or that it will be that way - it will be more honest to you. Look better at the calculations and the data from which it is formed.

When someone writes: «What are the guarantees?»

The honest answer will be that there are no guarantees. You are an investor, you must be able to assess probabilities and calculate risks.

If you want a guarantee, buy a teapot. Paper with it is not a guarantee that it will work for a year, but that it will be replaced or repaired if it breaks during that year.

Even the fact that you will get your money back, if you have a warranty card, it's not 100%. Because all processes involve people and their resources. And resources do not care about your ideas, it's just a series of values in the formula for the formation of the result.

Who even invented this concept, if it has no logic in 99% of cases of use?

There are no guarantees in any result, there is a host of factors that influence the likelihood of its realization. You must use your intelligence to calculate what risks you subscribe to in all possible scenarios.

I'm sure in 2020 a lot of projects were talking about earning guarantees or something like that, but practice has shown that nature doesn't care about our plans and it throws in terms it sees fit…

Vymex makes no guarantees about anything... We give high probabilities that a person will get the results they want with the least amount of resources, relative to what has happened to the person before and how they have achieved their results before.

We have mathematically proven patterns, with the goal of working out the best possible formula…

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