The long-awaited film about the Vymex team.

Forget the phrase: «Human resources and that the company owns them».

Your company doesn't own anyone, you have relationships with other people who have brought their resources to your company, and the way you structure the exchange of these resources between you will determine the results.

I am insanely proud of the team we have managed to attract to the project so far. I think I will still have achievements in my life which could be compared to this, but so far this is the best I have achieved at this stage!

I love everyone, there are over 45 of us already. I have decided for myself that up to 50 people I will personally interview each person, and then the structure leaders will handle everything on their own.

When there are 500+ of us, it will be harder to make such a warm film, because it will be a different moment and more than half of the people won't know each other... Now is the time when culture is solidified and principles are formed. Everyone is very much intertwined with each other into something unified, like a big and strong family.

The core is formed, we made a film, which conveys all the depth of our lives in the company. There you will answer for yourself why we are considered one of the best teams in Ukraine right now, and we haven't even shown anyone what we create yet.

There will be a whole block in the film about the product, finally all the secrets will be revealed.

I recommend watching it, I cried the first time just remembering all those moments the guys talked about, because I remember how much effort it all cost us.

The film was made to leave in history a team that did a huge amount of good for humanity and to show that there are always people behind everything!

Vymex people - you are the best!

Share this movie with your friends and acquaintances, let them feel how great projects are created. I would cut everything said there into quotes, everything said has a lot of depth and meaning... I subscribe to everything said by our team!

It will never be easy, but you should always have fun!

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