Functionally or architecturally: which approach to business building and developing is more effective.

Hi, my name is Ruslan Yumagulov. I am CEO & Product Owner at the VYMEX IT-company. From now on, this column of the blog will sometimes contain my ideas, thoughts, reflections that relate to our product and work with it.

Functionally or architecturally: this is a relevant question and I will explain why.

Somehow I was tagged under the post on Facebook, where the problem of one company was deployed. They recommended people in the comments to help resolve an issue or recommendation of a competent person.

Personally, I adore such tasks, but I don’t undertake any more: in the middle of 2020, the development of Vymex began. But this time I noticed and once again realized where people go wrong and how strong our product is. I'll try to expand it and recommend reading it to the end.

Most entrepreneurs approach the issues of building and developing a business, as a rule, functionally, which is efficiently and quickly built, works at low speeds or at low revs.

The post, under which I was tagged, was about some kind of retail that grows by 8 points in two months. There is also a strong-willed person at the helm and many other advantages – just need to figure out the processes (as I saw in the request).

So what is their problem and with many other businesses?

They think functionally: they are looking for a person who will introduce new functions into the project that will help better cope with a particular task. Perhaps everything will be described and gain new strength.

According to this logic, the company will grow up a little and will look for another toolkit that will bring a functional component and begin to develop the company. Then it will find people who will unite all this toolkit, which is also not bad.

But there are a couple of nuances.

People are always replaced and their goals too, the toolkit becomes outdated and does not work for a long time without support. If the ARCHITECTURE on which the whole company is built has even the slightest error, then it will imperceptibly complicate everything over time.

This is what I got in my head when I read a post: I ran through a lot of mistakes of other companies and attempts to solve them. In most cases, everything fits functionally.

Even any ERP system that comes as you “grow up” will also solve your problems FUNCTIONALLY; it will not change your architecture and foundation. The price for ERP integration depends on how illogical it was at the start – whether it will be $ 100k (for a medium-sized business) or $ 900k (for a large one). In fact, all their problems began at the beginning, when they were a small business and were building the foundation.

How to be and what to do about it.

I have met cool and experienced people in the market who approach the issue of setting up a company from an ARCHITECTURAL foundation. At first they understand how the core is arranged, and then, having changed the structure, placing people in the structure, they begin to understand all the functionality.

Respect for such guys: their super efforts and results will appear only in months or even years. But such result will last much longer and be easier to manage, and in the future the ERP system that the company chooses for itself will be integrated with minimal customization and cost per solution.

For those who vaguely understood the text above, I’ll explain by analogy. Imagine a person with a malformed body:

  • the ridge is with ruptures, the nervous system is confused
  • muscles are attached to adipose tissue and not to bones
  • the brain is scattered throughout the body and its parts sometimes go to another organism; new ones come without knowledge, that was before
  • organs are more or less working, but everything is scattered not entirely logical: the slightest step aside, as if it was made by the body for the first time, destroys everything or causes insane pain, although its functions seem to work normal
  • the body eats and produces waste at such a rate that it does not have time to grow

Do you think such organism will be able to give results or not? Perhaps, only if it is regularly supported by various life support devices and fed with drugs.

A lot of businesses are similar to this organism, because at the start they were more interested in functions, but not in architecture (after all, it's boring and long) ... Of course, 9 out of 10 such businesses die in the first year of life ...

Bottom line.

For 3 million years, nature has created the human body, proceeding from the laws of what is happening to it. Our body has such device logic for a reason, because it carries a huge functionality.

At one time, the VYMEX team understood the patterns of the entire life of the business. Recently, I figured out the patterns of results in general and created a solution – at one time it architecturally solves the problems that everyone naturally faces. For such loads, VYMEX is functionally pumped enough to withstand most business tasks at the same time.

The result of the right architecture is efficient data logistics, communication and structuring of small results. To control and develop them, add and replace people, you need a minimum of movements with minimal risks. And the cost of such an operation is much lower than any functional solution – the business will be satisfied.

We build the ideal body of a company in terms of mathematics: it can grow and develop, it has the right structure – you cannot build something wrong.

p.s. I am in no hurry to reveal all our achievements, but I want to say: we will initiate a new stage in the development of mankind. All this is due to the understanding and solution of a global problem. In the blog of our site you will find more useful information that will better cover the topic: