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One messenger for work and communication.

Being able to use one messenger to cover all your tasks seems unrealistic, but it's not. vChat accommodates all the important functions you are used to working with.

The messenger is completely free for users.

After authorization, a messenger is already available to you to communicate with a potential employer and other registered users. The messenger is free and convenient in that all your contacts registered in Vymex will automatically pull up for communication, and other important contacts you can always invite to join.
Group and personal
Group and personal chats.

Negotiate questions in personal chats or create group ones for the whole team. Group chats allow the whole team to communicate to solve important problems. Chat participants can share data and documents, communicate, create group calls and work more productively, and when you change an employee, you do not need to remove him and add a new one. Structural unit messages remain active in all work chats. The new employee simply enters the position and continues the work of his predecessor.

Work and communication
Work and communicate in one messenger.

Vymex messenger is multifunctional, so it is effective to use both for personal purposes and workers. It includes: group chats, file sharing, high speed, contact management and fast chat transition. This is the part of the function that already allows you to perform tasks faster and more efficiently.

Sleep well, no one will see your chats.

All personal and work communication, transmitted files and everything that happens inside chats, as well as our other products, are protected by encryption protocol. All your data is safe and secure.

Working contacts
Work contacts and chats are available by default.

When you join the company structure, work contacts and chats are already available for you. Work chat is handy because all the information written before is saved. This closes the issues of new employee induction, adaptation and not knowing who to contact.

The world belongs to the brave. Do what others dare not to do. 

Everything you need for innovative management is at hand, just get!
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