: Vymex - results management ecosystem

Communicating within the ecosystem.

Separate personal and corporate chats - the best solution for business. The user of the system can use vChat for free immediately after registration. The structure unit messenger becomes available as soon as the user joins the company structure.

Results are achieved in communication.

At the beginning of the path, entrepreneurs use a minimum number of tools to solve the company's problems. Messenger is one of them. At this stage, it is important to properly structure the data for further easy scaling. The structural unit messenger and vChat will increase the speed and logic of information distribution across the system, communication security and simplicity for all company participants.
Connection to the structure
The difference should not be obvious.

Functionality is not as important as usability in managing company results. For projects with big ambitions and goals, it is important to use a method of communication that leads to greater efficiency. The ability to manage and structure large volumes of data of different dimensions with minimal effort to integrate messengers into the company is taken into account here. This is realized with a messenger in an ecosystem that separates personal from work.

Accelerating processes
Saving and transferring correspondence to a new employee.

In the company's messenger settings, it is possible to save the entire history of correspondence between structural units. When an employee changes, all information will be available to a new person for quick adaptation at the workplace.

Data protection
Security is a basic need.

Personal and work correspondence, transferred files, video/audio calls and chats activity - all this is protected by Vymex encryption protocol. All your data is safe.

System advantages
The ecosystem takes the excess out of the product.

Simplicity is achieved by eliminating unnecessary needs for results. You don't have to create many accounts in separate tools and combine them properly to build an effective communication system in your company.

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