Told you everything you need to know about Vymex.

We recorded a presentation that reveals everything Vymex found, understood, laid out and assembled into an application.

We will show the full video in 6 days, guys are working on it to visualize everything I told there with the help of designers.

This was my favorite form where I personally show a person all the depth and logic myself. It wasn't easy, we shot it for 7 hours straight with different people. I left for breakfast at 5:00 p.m.

I'm already soft in the video, with a battery level of 2%.

Bravo to the team, much obliged to the guests. I was counting on them to understand everything and they did) So you can do it too.

We have a lot has happened during the week, I do not have time to write ... but I will say that we were able to deal with the most important aspects of the result and minimize the risks)

Everyone who participated in the project - hug.

Everyone who followed and supported - I adore you!)

Everyone who criticized and formed distrust - thank you very much, you make Vymex the strongest product of its kind)

We'll be in beta for 2022 until we test everything. But since analogs are far down the «food chain», this will be the best solution for working with results in companies)

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